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mugener 2007-03-30 03:23

KyoAni's original anime projects

There are totall 10 anime projects that KyoAni are planing right now.

You can mail them what you think about those projects. :)

Newprimus 2007-03-30 03:36

Sorry, but some of us can't read heavy moonspeak.

Maceart 2007-03-30 03:45

Although I can't read 99% of what's on that page, I hope Kyoto Animation makes a 3rd Munto episode.

JediNight 2007-03-30 03:48

Well the 2nd thing on their list is Munto III so... there is a distinct possibility :)

Too lazy to figure out the kanji atm on the first one, then theres something called Brain Searcher, Parts Man, some show called Yamori by the creators of Saiunkoku Monogatari I believe, Arbaito ... high schoolers with guns? heh, some kids show I think called Heavenly Object, another dumb kids show, yet another dumb kids show named Demon Hospital.

Only maybe 3 of them look decent including Munto =\

kujoe 2007-03-30 03:53

Are you referring to these projects?

This page might help....maybe.

Kaioshin Sama 2007-03-30 03:58

Ok settle down people.....

Let's see theres some Katakana.

Samurai Princess
Munto III
Something Arbaito
Something Kushimon&Hekemo
Something Motion
Brian*Sasha (Thought that said Brian's song for a second, now I'm just having flashbacks to work as I worked with two bartenders at one place with these names)
Not even going to try it
Makai Byoin (possibly Boin)

Anyway the first two and the seventh one and the first word of the last one (3.5=not too shabby) I know beyond a doubt, but that's all I can do, none of the others are in anyway 100% accurate, even the ones I could kind of get I still have doubts on. Yet who cares finally I can eat my words about them being unable to make their own series, if these are in fact not based on anything whatever they may be. Still I think this should be in something like general anime as we have no idea what might come of this. Finally they are getting serious though it would seem.

JediNight 2007-03-30 04:07

My kanji is really rusty, I probably should have been able to figure out that said Samurai Princess :)

Paatuman = Parts Man most likely
Brain Searcher is the other one you were stumbling on (katakana is hard to romanize sometimes I admit)
And byoin is the word for hospital.

Kaioshin Sama 2007-03-30 04:13


Originally Posted by JediNight (Post 881889)
My kanji is really rusty, I probably should have been able to figure out that said Samurai Princess :)

Paatuman = Parts Man most likely
Brain Searcher is the other one you were stumbling on (katakana is hard to romanize sometimes I admit)
And byoin is the word for hospital.

Not Kanji, Samurai Princess was pure Katakana. I can't do Kanji or Hiragana.

Parts Man, sounds likely. actually believe it or not Bryan Sasha is a real thing. I actually found this out after I did the translation attempt. This says 2002 though, but its likely the same thing.

So Makai Hospital. Sounds like a Hentai.

JediNight 2007-03-30 04:26

Well looks like I eat my shoe -- and affirms my statement that katakana can be really hard to romanize LOL :)

Because what logically makes sense to us in English, always fails :(

mouhitori 2007-03-30 05:05

Some rough translation:

Samurai and Princess p.4
Love is a Reckless Motion p.6
Munto III (p.8)
Brian Sasha (p,10)
Public Moral School Night Protector (p.14)
A-baito Special Investigation Unit(p.16)
Angel's Object (p.18)
Kushun and Hekuchi in the room(p.20)
Makai Hospital (p.22)

Any bets which show will get most votes?

mugener 2007-03-30 05:43


Originally Posted by mouhitori (Post 881924)
Any bets which show will get most votes?

probably Munto III, since there are already I and II for us to check out.

but who know, I am interested in Love is a Reckless Motion! :D

Dagger 2007-03-30 08:15

Please, please let there be more Munto!

Ascaloth 2007-03-30 09:22

If I remember correctly, "arbaito" is a word the Japanese coined themselves, taking from the German word "arbeit". In their culture, it means "working a part-time job".

So, maybe "Arbaito Special Investigation Unit" should be "Part-Time Special Investigation Unit", instead? Or something like that...

zephi 2007-03-30 10:30

dont know what Aabaito is..
but part time job = Arubaito in katakana.

Mirrinus 2007-03-30 13:36

Heh, I remember that term from my first year of high school Japanese class...

mouhitori 2007-03-30 13:40

Then, it might mean Special Investigation Unit (Team) A - Part Time

arubaito is often shortened as baito, I think.

And the way they write the whole thing it is :
Special Investigation Unit (in kanji) A-baito (the dash can indicate a long A, or a real dash, not sure).

shaolinx 2007-03-30 18:58

someone need to post their email so we can all spam them in enrish for more MUNTO!

ZODDGUTS 2007-03-31 00:13

I'm liking the ones called Samurai and Princess, Partsman well least character design wise and A-baito Special Investigation Unit. Obiously another Munto episode would be great.

Meatrose 2007-03-31 03:58

Sorry for asking this, but what's the deal with these projects? Are they gonna do them all, or are they letting their fans pick one? Or a couple? (by voting?)

Hehe, I don't get it. The only part I get is that fans of Haruhi and FMP will have to wait even longer before anything of interest happens.

Dagger 2007-03-31 08:38

Not really... they're side OVA projects as far as I can tell, not full TV series (assuming they're going to follow the Munto pattern).

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