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Maes Hughes 2007-03-30 12:02

Yup, another thread I posted recently over on NarutoFAN forums. I wonder if there's more Grandia fans on here? :p


How many on here have played this classic RPG?

There's no other RPG I've played quite like Grandia. It kept a very humourous tone for most of the game, winning the honour of making me laugh more than any other game. The only time it got truly serious was towards the end when Justin had to inevitably save the world, save the love of his life and become a true hero.

Here's an example of Grandia humour:

Spoiler for Grandia ending:

Also, Grandia reminds me of shounen manga/anime more than any other RPG:
Justin starts the story in incredibly powerless fashion; as a stupid 14 year old boy living with his mother, usually spending his free time hanging around with his 7 year old cousin and her bizarre flying pet called Puffy. His dream is to live up to the history of his family of renowned adventurers, telling everyone who will listen he'll become the greatest adventurer ever to walk the earth. Believe it!

maohayato 2007-03-30 14:43

yeah, the english dub made me laugh.

A very solid rpg, love the characters. too bad that the endgame part is too easy.

Kamui4356 2007-03-31 15:26

I love the grandia series. As far as turn based combat goes, it doesn't get any better. Haven't played 3 yet, since my ps2 was broken when it came out, but now that I have a working one again, I've been looking for it.

Personally I think the story in 1 was a little weak, but overall, still a great game. It was the second rpg I played, and the one that really got me hooked on the genre.

uLTraCarL- 2007-04-01 11:13

3 is crap :p

don't bother buying it, just go rent it or something.

Master zoid pilot 2007-04-02 03:54

WOW! I didn't really think people still knew about Grandia, easily one of my favorite rpg ever. That's one rpg I'll plug my playstation in to play again.

I remember the first time I played when I got over the great wall(forgot what it was called), I was owned because I wasn't leveled up enough(that big strong dude who joins your party did me in). I had to start over, this time I put my blood, sweat, and tears into it.

Freeter 2007-04-03 22:20

Great game, but waaaay too excessive on the dungeons. Felt like the developers took every opportunity to throw another random dungeon in your face.

Spoiler for for those who played the first:

If Grandia 2 didn't cop out near the end it could've been equally as great. Sadly, they squandered a good storyline for a cliched "happy" ending, and it blew up in their face. Haven't played 3 yet, and I'm not sure if I even want to (the PA strip is probably loads better than the actual game itself).

Nightengale 2007-04-04 01:56

Grandia was a great game. Putting 3 aside, I think that Grandia is one of the few series that feels really down-to-earth and approachable from a character-based point of view. 3 was also a little down to earth, but it sucked so bad in everything except the battle system.

I really liked Justin/Feena as well...if only Justin wasn't so "yeah i luv everyone" in the beginning...I guess that's boys for you.

I liked Grandia 2 as well. Yeah, there were aspects of it that really could do with improvement, but I really liked how Elena' that her name? alter-ego was also well-developed, and in a lot of ways, I was really really into the love triangle. It really felt for once like it could go both ways. And DON'T play Grandia 3. It is a travesty to the Grandia series. I've never seen a game which felt promising, but ended up sucking SOO bad.

Word in comparison... You know how everyone hated GSD? I liked GSD personally, but now I feel how they're feeling with Grandia 3. :P

uLTraCarL- 2007-04-04 02:50

If they had removed all the CG fuckfest in the game (i will explain. lets move my character, step step step, CG scene, step step, CG scene, rinse and repeat)

and as well as not removing Miranda from the party, as she was totally unique compared to the other 4, then this "could" have been a slightly decent game.

Aside from having a wishywashy story and a highly annoying female lead character (her name escapes my memory for being so stupid and annoying), the battle system is the best thing in this game. With the added air combos and all that shit, its pretty badass. Too bad it is not bad ass enough to be the saving grace for Grandia 3

crystar 2007-04-06 00:27

Ooh yeah I really liked Grandia when I played it. I can't remember too much about it, but the key thing that stuck in my head was that it was probably one of the easiest RPGs games I've ever played. I still remember defeating the final boss in Grandia without losing any HP. All in all, an enjoyable game. Even if it did have the whole cliched save the world thing. But I don't mind cliches as long as it's solid and well done.

I liked Grandia 2 also. Grandia 3 was....

WanderingKnight 2007-04-06 01:07

I played but couldn't finish the first one, mainly due to the hideous dubbing.

The 2nd one I finished, because even if there still was that horrible dubbing, at least there were slightly better graphics to compensate... Still, it didn't manage to leave a mark on me. I even forgot totally about this game until I saw this thread, and even so, it really cost me a lot to remember if I had played this or not :S

Maes Hughes 2007-04-07 22:15

If anyone wants the link to the Grandia I music collection I uploaded onto Megaupload, message me. I get the feeling one of the mods will bankai me if I just post it.

I tried replaying it the other day, finding it very hard to do so on my current TV; it's hard to enjoy a game when anything near the sides of the screen curves inwards. I need to find some balls and spend 700ish on an LCD TV that'll most likely be faulty. :(

Anyway, since I'm very lazy and didn't add some of the stuff of the stuff I said in the thread I made on NarutoFAN...

Voice Acting:
Oh yeah, I didn't mention the voice acting in original message. I thought the voice acting was most impressive for an old and unknown RPG like Grandia, I didn't dislike any of the voice acting. It added a great deal to the characters and story, I can't imagine certain scenes having the same impact without voice acting.

Apart from the humour, that's what I liked the most about Grandia. You actually get to see Justin grow up over the course of the story, unlike in many other RPGs where you see very little growth in the main character.

The linearity of it all never bothered me, if anything I liked how linear Grandia was. The adventure seemed much more real when you couldn't keep going back and forth whenever Justin risked death to reach a new continent, it added some realism to the exploration. And the fact you couldn't change characters made me like Grandia even more; every character had unique skills and something to do with the part of the story where they joined.

Grandia 2:
The major flaw Grandia 2 had was how short and rushed it was, something it shares with every other Grandia to come after the original. I felt cheated when I completed it for the first time.

The only truly good thing to come out of Grandia 2 was Ryudo. He loved turning anything anybody said to him against them, nearly everything that came out of his mouth before he was rushed from mercenary to the savior of the world being like that. I do still prefer Justin's character when I put them up against each other though, Justin's character had much more in the way of character development, whereas Ryudo didn't really change much at all.

Grandia 3:
Stay away from G3. Key elements to any RPG such as story, character development and longevity are all non-existent. I'm glad it never made it to Europe.

GX focuses fully on the battle system, a dungeon crawler. I know some people rate it as the worst Grandia to date... It has to be pretty bad to beat G3.

/end laziness

Trance 2007-04-10 04:16

I got a question about Grandia II music, the track "Granas Sanctuary", the music itself, what kinda of category of music it belongs to? I like this kinda of music, kinda of peaceful and quite :D

Master zoid pilot 2007-04-13 06:04

Official Grandia website

hobbes_fan 2007-04-16 01:52

Grandia and suikoden franchises never got the due they deserved being in the shadow of FF. Suikoden was generally tougher I found (to get all characters) but Grandia 1 & 2 had better characters and storylines.

Having just bought FFXII I'm so underwhelmed by the battle system which was supposed to be awesome, the Battle system for Star Ocean: till the end of time is much better.

Maes Hughes 2007-04-16 14:28

I'm currently 10 hours into replaying G1 for the 100th time. I'm finding it both very fun and easy, I haven't even had to heal in battle yet.

Grandia still to this day makes you appreciate the smaller details other RPGs tend to overlook, such as every NPC having something different to say after every small advancement in the plot. The Grandia world feels alive.


Originally Posted by hobbes_fan (Post 905286)
Grandia and suikoden franchises never got the due they deserved being in the shadow of FF. Suikoden was generally tougher I found (to get all characters) but Grandia 1 & 2 had better characters and storylines.

Having just bought FFXII I'm so underwhelmed by the battle system which was supposed to be awesome, the Battle system for Star Ocean: till the end of time is much better.

In my opinion, SII and SV wipe the floor with Grandia when it comes to plot depth. Grandia is most definitely the more funny and cute, but if you want a plot that's worthy of discussion and deep thought you have to go with SII and/or SV.

Never did quite get the SO3 battle system... I got my arse kicked in the secret dungeon, quitting shortly afterwards. I'll have to replay it.

WolfCoder 2007-04-16 20:00

I really loved Grandia 1 and 2. I played the first one a couple of times, the battle system was new. The story and characters are really goofy looking, however.

Then there came Grandia Xtreme. That game was incredibly boring and half of it was random dungeon crawling. Plus, save points were rare.

I recently got Grandia 3 and it is crap, I agree. The story is retarded and the game got old fast.

IronFox 2007-04-18 16:35

The first granida has the best storyline of any game ive ever played, and ive played LOTS of games;)

The 2nd one for the dreamcast was allmost as good until the ending :(

WolfCoder 2007-04-20 22:21

There was a Grandia game for the Dreamcast?

kujoe 2007-04-21 00:54

Ahh, Grandia... I have never played the Saturn version (some people said it was better), but I was more than satisfied with the one that came out for the Playstation—even with the bad voice acting and all.

I really, really hated Justin's voice, but I found the young boy's simple-minded zeal for adventuring to be quite infectious. I loved it how his Mom was so hard on him, and yet I also found her goodbye letter to be one of the most touching scenes I have ever seen in an RPG. All those JustinxFeena scenes, Sue's departure, finally reaching the top of the wall—man, what a way to look back on a game. And the game's ending...! I wish we have more endings like that in RPGs. It's so old, but for me this little rough gem even outshone its supposedly superior sequel.

I guess for me, it was the "little" things that made this game memorable. It's as if the game felt loved or something. That kind of charm isn't so common nowadays.

Maes Hughes 2007-04-21 09:56

Awesome Grandia AMV:

I've just noticed something on Youtube - The NTSC version is much faster and smoother than the PAL version. I never imaging the difference would be so great... I'd be import the NTSC version if the only way wasn't eBay.

Anyway, I finally got around to reach Luc Village the other day. Onto the endless wall!

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