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Aeriths Spirit 2007-04-02 06:48

[PC] Guild Wars 2 & GW:EotN
"With the thought process on designing campaign 4 it suddenly became Guild Wars 2. Which will be more of an MMO. Not just any MMO however, an MMO that will highly require YOU as a players involvement. Your choices will highly effect the world and environment that surround you..."

This is more or less what ANet has said in one of their paragraphs in the May 2007 issue of PC Gamer. Every Guild Wars fan should pick this up by the way. :) I was blown away!

Guild Wars the campaigns have come to an end. Guild Wars: Eye of the North (code name GWEN* ;) to all the players that know what this means*), which will be a REAL expansion meaning that you do need one of the other games to play this, will be the conclusion for Guild Wars 1 and will give you the introduction to GW2.

While the idea and sudden event that GW 1 is ending saddens me greatly, the outcome of Guild Wars 2 sounds very promising however. More classes to choose from (including the Charr!), massive PvP battles that can last for hours, even WEEKS at a time, and environments that depend on you. What do I mean by this? Well for instance, say if you walk outside of a house and you see a dragon fly you ignore it or attack? Everyone in the area can choose to ignore it. So the dragon is ignored and it swoops down and causes a bridge to collapse. A group of workers then is off guard and begins to collect wood to rebuild a bridge, and a bunch of thieves come and attack those workers. People in the area will be asked again to help. You will be rewarded for your deeds. Think of it as quests, but they are open and effect an area. They are calling these chain-events. A 100+( or no level) cap. While, you cannot transfer your GW1 characters to GW2 since it takes place hundreds of years in the future. However, gain titles in GW 1 and get your name on the hall of monuments at the end of GW:EN and your GW2 character will get special items from your GW1 characters including mini pets, weapons, and more. Lastly, it will still be FREE!

Even though they are finishing off GW1 they will continue to update it and give the players plenty of weekend events and surprises. So, how do the AS Guild Wars fans feel about this?

Expected release dates

Guild Wars:Eyes of the North- Holiday season 2007.

Guild Wars 2 in 2009-2010

I personally feel psyched and you can bet Ill be playing Beta which comes out in 2008! :D

Mueti 2007-04-04 18:05

Sounds shitty enough to me. Or, at the least, it doesn't sound one bit like Guild Wars. Level cap 100+, PvP battles for hours, more classes and races... For me that just means that the concept that made GW original will be destroyed and replaced by a standard MMORPG one. Competitive PvP will be impossible with 100+lvls and even more classes and skills (balance anyone?). Seems like they'll be concentrating on PvE which was the least interesting part of part 1 if you ask me.

Maybe it'll just turn out to be a cool game all the same, you never know without having played it but with my current PC I can't even dream of running it. :D

Anime Online 2007-04-04 18:33

Does this mean A.Net will be dropping further development of the Guild Wars "sell standalone releases every 6 months and free online play"? If so, I guess the marketing model isn't working too well for them.

In any case, I always thought it'll be nice to have a MMo in the Guild Wars setting. They probably have to change alot of gameplay mechanics, but I'll wait for them to finish it and then judge it on its own merits. I'm pretty confident in ArenaNet, so let's see how this goes.

gummybear 2007-04-04 20:24

GW was very disappointing to me in many ways, I really dislike the way spell are used in the game and not to mention the boredom in the game.

GATX207_Blitz 2007-04-13 14:22


Originally Posted by Mueti
Level cap 100+, PvP battles for hours, more classes and races... For me that just means that the concept that made GW original will be destroyed and replaced by a standard MMORPG one. Competitive PvP will be impossible with 100+lvls and even more classes and skills (balance anyone?).

GW2 is not going to have MORE classes just NEW races that are playable. In GW:EN you will get to SEE the new races and NOT play them. To answer your level cap complaint read this this quote.


Originally Posted by Official Guild Wars Wiki
The level cap of 20 will be raised, possibly 100 or even infinite. The exact implementation has not been finalized, and possibilities include: (1) that each level will take approximately one fifth of the time it takes to go up a Guild Wars 1 level, (2) higher levels do not affect health/attribute points, and only give an extra skill point each (meaning the difference is purely cosmetic), or (3) if development curve does continue, the power curve will be flattened, with diminishing returns for higher levels (as stated in a recent interview). Either way, ANet seems intent to stay close to its philosophy of keeping players on a levelled playing field (or approximately so).

This means NO grinding!


Originally Posted by Anime Online
"sell standalone releases every 6 months and free online play"? If so, I guess the marketing model isn't working too well for them.

To answer this statement please read this from the PC Gamer for the month of May.


Originally Posted by Eric Flannum
With each new campaign we've been trying to introduce brand-new mechanics that change how the game plays. That's led to the need for larger and larger tutorials to explain the new mechanics, and it's made each campaign's beginning experience much more bloated

Also there will be NO monthly fee for both GW:EN and GW2.


Originally Posted by Gaile Grey
No monthly fees.
I have to say it.
Tell your friends.
Inform your neigbors.
Put your guild on alert.


Another thing is if releasing every 6 months wasn't working as a marketing model then tell me why the next titles being released are 1 year (GW:EN) and 2 years away (GW2).

Sources: - Official Guild Wars Wiki - Gaile Grey
May Issue of PC Gamer - Eric Flannum

Saber Cherry 2007-04-15 10:11

The fact that Guild Wars had REALLY crappy PvE combat, and no random drops (aside from trash you salvaged for raw materials) made it a loss for me. How anyone could play that after experiencing World of Warcraft (which itself has tons of flaws) is beyond me.

Corn 2007-04-15 13:22


Originally Posted by Saber Cherry (Post 904118)
The fact that Guild Wars had REALLY crappy PvE combat, and no random drops (aside from trash you salvaged for raw materials) made it a loss for me. How anyone could play that after experiencing World of Warcraft (which itself has tons of flaws) is beyond me.



WoW is horrible. I loathe that game. Full of 12 year old racists. Unbalanced PvP, pure grinding, retarded cookie cutter PvE and a boring fantasy world.

gummybear 2007-04-16 11:04


This means NO grinding!
ummmm there is grinding in GW, if you want better equip then that means you have to do the same run over and over again hoping that certain item can be drop. You may not grind for lvl or skills, but you grind for items and money.... and the special pets. Also, the battle system just annoy the crap out of me, it's so slow and boring that it actually made FFXI battles seems like the Wii Sonic dashing through a loop.

GATX207_Blitz 2007-04-16 13:26

That statement refers specifically to the leveling that will be present in GW2. Before quoting me like this I would appreciate it that you don't take my words out of context.

It was in no way related to farming for greens or capping a rare pet in the UW. Also if you wish to own weapons with certain stats it is very easy to just collect common drops to trade with a collector for weapons with the same stats as a green. You can also cap common pets which will in no significantly horrible way put you at a disadvantage to someone who capped a black widow.

The free treasure chests that are in nightfall also guarantee you a gold weapon or a rare crafting material like a ruby, sapphire, or diamond. In addition you get 1-2k. Although that may not last long there are several chests throughout all of elona that all drop the same things. In addition to this they replenish every 30 days so you do have a source of quick money.

I will agree that even with these chests you do have to farm a little for gold, which can feel like grinding, but again the need for a high amount of gold soley rests with the skins you wish to have as armor and as weapons. There are armors that are worth 1-1.5k a piece with about half the requirements in total crafting materials. These cheaper armors have the exact same stats as an armor that would cost you 2.2 million gold in the end.

gummybear 2007-04-17 00:47

Back in D2 days, I love doing Meph runs because 1) the skills are fast and fun to spam, 2) the barb skill WW was fun to spam, sure I got my share of pwn, but at least it made me feel like a man.

GW just messing with the good stuff, at least make the WW skill in GW a lot more interactive. I yelled out "WTF is this?!?" when I used it in GW. I mean both games were made by the bunch team of people, but why one is such a master piece yet the other is something that you use to wipe your butt with after pooping?

If they made GW2 something like the system in D2, where things are more faster and more spamable, I would give it a try, but for now, I gave up on GW.

Flora20709 2007-08-15 18:37

Well I Played WOW for some time well all i wanted to see is why is WOW Rated Higher Then GW And WHy People Say Its Better. To Me I think GW Is As Good As WOW The PVE part is awsome {Come On U have The Deep,Urgoz,FOW,UW,DOA etc} People Say The PVP Part is great{i only do HOH}

Bonta Kun 2007-08-15 19:28

Didn't know this thread was here:p

I actually think GW's PvP is one of the best there is, as most ppl say its more skilled based than alot of other games. altho I'm more of a PvE peep myself

One thing I will say is I think GW interface, and Chat channel system is the great, it works so well compared to so many others, I get put off alot by bad chat channel systems. but maybe thats down to the fact that I've played GW more than any other MMO.

can't wait for GWEN to come around, gonna be awsome:D

@gummybear: GW is skilled based, its not about spamming spells, its about timing ur spells properly in a correct order. anyone can bash buttons

Flora20709 2007-08-15 19:49

:eek: u play GW
Was Starting To wonder if i was the only claymore fan who plays GW
wats Ur Char Name

Echoes 2007-08-15 21:37

Sounds like it has some potential, no monthly fee is definitely a great aspect of it. I did enjoy Guild Wars for a while, but I never really got into it because leveling up didn't feel that good. When you gained a level in WoW, you felt like you had gained something, I didn't get that same feeling from Guild Wars. The same goes for items.

Instant level 20s for pure pvp, and unlocking skills with the points you won was a nice feature, though.

Epsilon 2007-08-15 22:11

The new elementalist skills in GWEN sound amazing.

time to get the last 2 bits of FoW for her now...

I mostly play GW for the PvP. PvE is always a nice break from it all though, and if all that gets repetitive [as PvP/farming sometimes does]

Time to watch anime

Ahhh its a good life

anyone want to contact me ingame my IGN is 'Angelic Flame'

Bonta Kun 2007-08-16 08:28

I'm not really one for farming. I tend to get bored of it very quickly in which half way through the farm I'll most likely just get naked and dance for bit before heading back to a town to do it for everyone to see:p Thats what I spend alot of my time doing danicing naked.

which reminds me I lent 20k to a friend and since he's a noob don't think I'll see it anytime soon, guess I better get my finger out and make it back for GWEN. Gonna need some instant spending money:p

on me ele mostly atm, Ai Cortana <--huge Halo fan:D

Flora20709 2007-08-16 08:37

ok well i use my necro for Duo UW wit 55 monk

Name<<<<Gangstarlicous Y

Shikimori Kazuki 2007-08-16 20:54

I used to play Guild Wars and stopped and seeing how they balance and update the skills effect and duration. I got back in once again.

Monthly payment plays a role in which to why I play this game but that isnt really the main reason why I went back in. Guild Wars is a game that requires skills *PERIOD*. You combine skills and play it in a way that it is very effective in certain situations. Different combinations of skills can overcome the other. Forget the level capping and equipment for abit. Think of why Guild Wars give us so many skills to fiddle around with. It is to make use of them in a way where it suits our playing style.

I quitted play diablo 2 like 1 year ago. Spamming skills, getting godly equipment and owning the hell out of everyone is not really my thing anymore. I want to play competitively. I want to play in an environment where I can find challengers and challenges everytime. It forces you to keep getting smarter in combining skills.

Why competitive is good? why, if someone beats the crap out of you, you would want to beat the crap out of him next time you see him. Same theory applies in Guild Wars. If a Guild beats another Guild, they will have an on-going war.

Finally, Guild Wars is all about teamwork NOT solo. I really like cooperating and figure things out with players online on how to overcome the TOP 2 Elite missions in Guild Wars: Factions. Those missions takes time and patience....but hey if you overcome it, great stuff are there waiting for ya.

But this is just my type of playing style. If you're one of those people who likes to own and dont want to get owned....than this game is not really for you.

Blaarg 2007-08-16 21:24

I played Guild Wars for about a year and a half (quit back in April). It's quite a good game, I loved the PvP and I enjoyed the PvE (even though it's all pretty much the same). I overplayed it though, and I just kept losing faith in ANet over and over.

Lately I've been playing a bit.. a good friend of mine is still into it so I'll play whenever he is on.

grey_moon 2007-08-16 21:40

Hee hee I love GW, I just rerolled my main character so she would have the LS title. This isn't because of HoM, but because all of my chars are at least tier 1 apart from her and most are contending for tier 3. All of that effort and I thought why not the same effort into my main character?

After 2 weeks she is now tier 2 survivor and nearly protector in cantha (she won't do the last mission until she is tier 3). This time around, I am only getting standard armour until she makes her goal... Well I did break from that and she does have the 15k lux bra :)

Not too sure should I bother farming for the obsidian eye candy, it is rather hard work especially when I get a glob or shard and then I die before I can pick it up :), I'll probably farm to help my guildies and then when they are half way to getting theirs I'll give them the rest as a present.

My char name to true anime fandom style is Hina Mashimaro :), look forward to not pugging with you until she gets to tier 3

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