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PartyOverHere 2004-01-07 17:44

hard drive problems
Hey guys, I'm having problems with my hd and i can't figure out wut it is. I got this 200gig western digital harddrive a couple months ago and it seemed to work fine. All I used it for was to store data like anime. So one day I decided to watch some of my animes i dled before like fumoffu. However, when i double click it, media player tells me it can't play it. Funny thing is, i watched them before on my computer and i haven't installed any new codecs or anything since. This is getting really frusterating because i had to redownload some of my files. I defraged it and i ran a scandisk. oh also this hd wasn't actually in my computer. I have a laptop so i put it in my brother's computer which is on a network in my house. I hope someone can help me with the limited info i've given.


Flash_Squirrel 2004-01-07 18:40

Why don't you try to remove all your codecs and reinstall the current ones from the media configuration guide? It's a secure way to understand if your problem are the codecs or the HDD.

After that remember that external HDDs takes a LOTS of time to allocate files, maybe you mistook the aloocation with the actual download? >_>;

Timeless Enigma 2004-01-12 17:03

It's not saying anything like "Class Not Registered" is it? If that's the case then you've somehow lost some of the file.

PartyOverHere 2004-01-12 17:53

I dont' think it says that. Where would it normally say that?

Timeless Enigma 2004-01-12 19:46

When you open the file in Windows Media Player, "Class Not Registered" will pop up. For me this means the file never completed it's downloading phase.

You may get some Media Player "Illegal Operation" errors when trying to play stuff as well. This kept, and keeps happening to me ever since I installed ffdshow or whatever onto my comp. My solution is to keep trying to open the file until it plays.

MwyC 2004-01-16 01:26

yeah, it would be really helpful to know the error WMP gives, cause it could be a whole slew of differnt things
oh..and dont use the nimo kinda sucks and conflicts, hard to upgrade too
just install the stuff manually

PartyOverHere 2004-01-16 03:10

It says the error is unknown and microsoft's website doesn't have any info in it either. yea i'm not using nimo, it caused alot of problems so i got rid of that long time ago.

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