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mouhitori 2007-04-05 22:22

Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan
It seems no thread has been created for this prequel of Saint Beast....

The story revolves around the life of six pretty boys, with some action scenes sprinkeld in. The boys are actually angels, but I am not sure what their duty is.

Having watched this, I realized why no one else has started the thread ^^;
I have no idea what the point of the story is, and overall the episode seem very uninteresting, apart from the opening song and brief fight at the start.

Very brief summary and some screencaps of episode 1

Has anyone who has seen the older series watched this prequel? Does it make more sense and become more interesting if you have watched the original Saint Beast?

Dark Lord Zenigame 2007-04-05 23:17

The original Saint Beast is pretty much fanservice for BL fangirls. :/

Looks like this new series is more of the same, but with an awesome OP by JAM Project and pretty nice ED song as well.

I'm pleased by the current trend in girls' harem shows to have rock OP/ED songs, as it means that I actually have something to gain from their existance. o/

Grv 2007-04-06 07:29

It really is a show for girls in terms of the pretty boys :p

However the OP animation shows promise for some pretty cool fight scenes and demonstration of various super-powers.

gknight 2007-04-10 14:18

i watched the first episode raw and it looks pretty cool..
i saw the ova, i didn't know this was a sequel although the 1st episode did look like it... ( i just thought the plot will get to the ova story at some point and it'd just be a retelling of it all)
i wonder how many episodes it'll be, how it'll end (since the ova's starting point is not so bright), and how much focus the shounen ai will get. in the ova most of the shounen ai parts were in flash backs from the past, "the past" which should be in this tv series.

btw i don't think the "ova" is really an ova, it's just a very short tv series, but nevermind. XD

aarinfantasy 2007-04-16 00:49

Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan is a prequel to Saint Beast (2003).

aarinfantasy team will be releasing the subbed version today :)

I like the OP and ED songs, especially the ED ~

mouhitori, I think watching the original Saint Beast makes this prequel much clearer and way more interesting. I've only started watching the Ep1-6 original series last week, and it really helps me to understand what's going on.


gknight 2007-04-16 12:07

is there clear shounen ai in the TV?

aarinfantasy 2007-04-17 06:51

Judging from the previews, I can see it has clearer shounen-ai on this than the original series...

This is also the main reason why the team has picked to fansub this and of course, I heard no one's subbing it so... :)


gknight 2007-07-07 14:28

well, two episodes before finish what's up with the shounen ai now? XD
i should start watching it already.

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