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Crystal_Method 2007-04-18 21:40

wmp has encountered a problem
Alright, usually I wouldn't go as far as this to find out a solution to a technical problem, but freaking the error report gives absolutely no information whatsoever on whats going on. All it says is "if you were in the middle of something, then the information you were working on might be lost." I checked the more details thing and it gives an actual code report: "appname: wmplayer.exe, appver: 11.0.5721.5145 ModName: unknown, ModVer: offset: 00000000." Same goes for mcp. My only working player is divx right now. Anyone got an idea on what's going on?

P.S. I already did a virus scan because I know the error is from dling a third party program. It happened right after I downloaded an avi to dvd converter.

Ledgem 2007-04-19 20:29

It sounds like the converter installed some sort of internal codecs or media stuff to your system, and it's causing a conflict with the other media players. A reason why DivX player may be unaffected is because I'm guessing that the player was designed to be very stubborn about using any other media things on your system besides its own.

A temporary fix: if you dislike using DivX player (and I wouldn't blame you), try using VLC. If what I'm thinking is right, then VLC shouldn't be impacted, either.

As for repairs... have you uninstalled that program from your system? Whether you have or you haven't, I'd guess that the problem might still exist. I don't know that it'd help, but you could try to perform a system restore. Also, try reinstalling any and all codec/codec packs that you were using before. Some people that are more knowledgeable about the intricacies behind all of the media linkings might be able to give you a more precise fix, but that might help to fix it up.

Crystal_Method 2007-04-19 21:55

Yea I uninstalled the program that had caused it. I'll try reinstalling all the codecs I use, but I doubt it would do anything. In the end if I can't fix the problem then I'll just use VLC. Is VLC compatible with mkv files?

Ledgem 2007-04-20 00:25

Yes, although people seem to bash the program for its handling of softsubs... but it seems to be a solid player on its own.

Crystal_Method 2007-04-20 05:48

Alright I guess I was wrong... all I had to do was reinstall CCCP and everything turned back to normal. :heh: Thanks for the help Ledgem.

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