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noZ 2004-01-08 18:28

Was bored as shit 2day in biology class....the result...
been watching waaaaay to much naruto....this isn't finished yet

Raxial 2004-01-08 18:29

I'm liking it a lot. I'm sure you know the arm and stuff scanned really light.

noZ 2004-01-08 18:35

hehe scanner screwed it up i scanned it a feww times..everytime was the same..never mind
you got any ideas for the sketch?

noZ 2004-01-12 11:39

forums are back!!

sopel 2004-01-12 12:49

Yeah... his face looks tight ^^, post again when completed =O

~~~Sopel :twitch:

Tboz 2004-01-12 13:51

One fierce Naruto looking to kick some ass... :eek:

I like the expression alot... two thumbs up for you. :D

Marshall Banana 2004-01-12 15:29

oy...ey...damn...nibblit...whoooooooo...nice :) :bow:

Genesis 2004-01-12 16:27

WE demand more :D
When are you gonna show you're skillz with colors? :D

noZ 2004-01-12 17:26

cant color mate...h3h3
only started coloring 3 weeks ago..still learning...wiil post tho when i finish something..thanks for the comments guys!
is this any better?
i am not going to finish lazy...raxial...if you want now you can color it...

noZ 2004-01-12 18:23

higher dpi=higher quality :)

Raxial 2004-01-12 18:29

starting work on it now.

oh, and I haven't really been coloring more than a week or so. I'm starting to do some drawings, but mostly tutorials/deviations of tutorials.

I never was very good at drawing people.

noZ 2004-01-12 18:31

sure no brob man..i have not been coloring for long either..hehe...good luck!

Sakura-chan 2004-01-12 19:01

X|. Can I try coloring it too? Please? ^^

Raxial 2004-01-12 19:41

I'd like to see what other people did with it, so i could compare my colors

Sakura-chan 2004-01-12 20:53

This was fun... Now I need to find something else to do... ~Bored~ Maybe I'll re-color this one again. Or maybe not...

Raxial 2004-01-12 21:06

the lack of definition everywhere but the face is making it slightly more difficult for me.

another thing i noticed was the sworly thing on his arm is kinda open, when it should be more tightly wound up, like a disk

Raxial 2004-01-12 22:49

bah, it's getting late for a school night. Most of my stuff takes more than a school day, but I decided to stop this where it was. Total, it took about an hour, but I was trying to talk to people... you know, the usual excuses. Anyway, the original sketch was pretty undefined except the face, so that's what i focused on. well, I could have and would have done a better job on other stuff, with more time/attention span. Oh, and I kinda gave up after an attempt at the hair, which I'm not much good at.

noZ 2004-01-13 00:35

raxial--really like it. nice coloring, sorry about the lousy sketch...when i have time i'll finish it :P
sakura chan--not bad, kinda blurry colors tho...

gravitation 2004-01-13 01:59

awww that looks kewl, the normal naruto is boring! yours looks bad ass! :D

noZ 2004-01-13 08:25

had two more hours of biology today..went nuts as i added a bit to the sketch..dont think i will add any more tho...

and yes, i know the sketch sucks...but i dont know how draw hands so....

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