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MarcusG 2007-04-20 01:33

Video editor program
I was wondering if anybody know what is the best program to use for editing video clips. Like for example, does anybody knows what type of program was used to make this ?

hobbes_fan 2007-04-20 03:01

Mate you can do that in windows movie maker, it's mainly just scenes spliced together.

If you really want to get serious and do video editing Ulead Video Studio and Pinnacle Studio.

Furuno 2007-04-20 08:41

For best i can't really says it since different people will have different opinion. For me i'd says Adobe's Premiere Pro quite good. It has decent features even since the price's quite high(at least for me) and rather hard to use for a beginner.

If it just for simple cut and edit, even Movie Maker will serve you better. Don't too worry for the format (if i'm not wrong MM can only create wmv or sort... sorry i'm using linux on mine...). Nowadays you can convert it easly with many free tools out there...

hobbes_fan 2007-04-20 10:30

Adobe's really good I did a video production course and they taught us to use Ulead (what I use for editing live recordings) and Adobe Premiere pro , but jeez it is a pricey piece of software. $1kAus & $700USrrp. Theres a stripped down version of Premiere Pro for around $150 Aus (check prices in your area). Honestly the Pro version is exactly that for Pro's. You can broadcast quality output, e whole heap of features you'll never use. But for simple home editing there's a whole heap of options under/around $100. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is another one that's about $80.

I haven't tried any other than Virtualdubmod, but find it a bit clunky and temperamental at times for what I want to do. It's an old program and the developer is no longer updating it but a lot of fansubbers use it and know it's ins and outs much better than me. Maybe you can get one of them to teach you?

MarcusG 2007-04-21 09:37

Thanks for your help. I'll start off with Windows movie maker for starters.

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