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Nergol 2007-04-20 16:02

Anyone Else Having Trouble Since Last OSX Update?
Ever since I installed the last OSX Software Update, which as I recall had an OS update and a QuickTime update, I've had problems. After about two hours of running, I start getting random mouse freezes that last about ten seconds each. They get more and more frequent after that, and last until I Restart, at which point I again have about two hours until the problem starts again.

I'm running a white MacBook Core Duo 2.0Ghz with 512MB RAM.

Anyone else had a similar problem, or have suggestions on what to do?

killmoms 2007-04-20 17:59

Haven't heard of this myself (and don't own a MacBook, so...). You might want to try posting on the forums over at There's a really huge and knowledgeable community there who might be able to get you pointed in the right direction.

Epyon9283 2007-04-20 20:14

I've heard of problems with printing after the 10.4.9 update but not the one you describe.

I'd check the activity monitor and see if anything is using copious amounts of CPU or RAM when this occurs.

Phantom-Takaya 2007-04-21 07:28

Sounds like a driver issue, though don't quote me on that. Best place to begin with is Apple, themselves. If your laptop is less than a year old, it's covered under warranty. Tech support on the other only 90 days. Unless you bought AppleCare with it, which will place it under warranty for 3 years plus increase the free tech support up to 3 years. If it's still under the one year warranty, you can get AppleCare and you'll be covered for the three years since you bought it. Either way, since the OS update is from Apple, it's best to go talk directly to the source first.

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