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darkchibi07 2007-04-27 15:48

The impossible has been POSSIBLIZED!!!! :twitch:



Fan-Favorite TV Series Launches in August, Movie to Follow

HOUSTON, April 27, 2007 — Today ADV Films co-founder Matt Greenfield announced that ADV has acquired exclusive home video and broadcast rights in North America for the anime series Air and the 85-minute Air Movie. Greenfield made the announcement during a panel at Anime Matsuri, South Texas’ largest anime convention. Volume one of the four-disc Air series will hit store shelves August 14, and the Air Movie is slated for release in late 2007.

Air is a fan-favorite series in Japan, having placed #32 in TV Asahi’s all time Top 100 Anime list (2006). A product of the famous production studio Kyoto Animation (Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid, Inuyasha) and director Tatsuya Ishihara (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kanon), Air is easily one of the most-anticipated series to reach our shores this year. The standalone Air Movie, which was produced by Toei (Air Gear, Kanon) and directed by Osamu Dezaki (Black Jack The Movie), is a fitting finale to the Air mania sweeping North America.

In announcing these acquisitions, Greenfield said “as anime fans ourselves, we’re very excited to announce that ADV will be releasing Air, as it’s already being ranked as one of the most popular anime titles of all time in Japan, and the fans who have seen it here the States are equally enthusiastic in their praise.”

Greenfield continued, “we’re also pleased to say that, while negotiating a title that’s split between two different licensors can be tricky, we have indeed secured the rights for both the TV series and the movie, thereby insuring total continuity between the English language versions.”

GHDpro 2007-04-27 16:10

Dang... major licensing surprises are still possible these days!*
(The anime industry is believed to be in somwhat of a depression, so major new licenses are very rare...)

I hope you don't mind I moved your post to it's own thread, as the title of the other thread isn't very obvious.

Obligatory notice: this now means posting download links (etc) is no longer allowed in this sub forum!

Shiroth 2007-04-27 16:10

I seriously don't know what to say.. though i'll give it a try!

I did not see this coming --- i didn't see this show being licensed at all. But FINALLY, talk about the best series ever, and its about time people outside of Japan are able to view it.

Narumi 2007-04-27 16:15

Good news that they picked up both the TV and the Movie.

To think that it'd finally be coming to US shores... now I'll have to get rid of that BD-Box. :D

Wuya 2007-04-27 16:24

im not too sure what this will mean,

is it only comming out in a translated DVD set for english?


is it comming to TV?

or both?

cmage 2007-04-27 16:24

YES. I figured it'd never be licensed, but now I can die happy. Looks like I'll be spending a lot on anime this year. :heh:

Radiosity 2007-04-27 16:26

Quite the surprise to see ADV pick this up. They must be crazy or something, but best of luck to them on it regardless :D

Kamui4356 2007-04-27 16:27

I can't believe AIR was finally licensed. I never thought this day would actually come. I cannot wait for the dvds to come out. I don't usually preorder, but for AIR, I'll consider it. I must have these dvds...

Skyfall 2007-04-27 16:29

Zomg, if i ever say i saw this coming, know that i am lying 0_o. Of all the things to get licensed, this sure is a surprise :)

GHDpro 2007-04-27 16:31


Originally Posted by Wuya (Post 922853)
im not too sure what this will mean,

is it only comming out in a translated DVD set for english?


is it comming to TV?

or both?

Both probably, ADV has their own anime TV channel. But in case you're not in the US, you can always get the DVDs.

The final line of the first paragraph of the press release mentions the first volume of the TV series will be released on DVD on August 14, 2007 and the Movie (as well as subsequent TV volumes) will follow late 2007.

Dop 2007-04-27 16:36

Brilliant news!
I shall definitely be buying this!

Hopefully, this will also bring along the licensing of another Key/Kyoto Animation series.

Wuya 2007-04-27 16:37

what is their TV channel?
i have never heard of the ADV channel -.-

FatPianoBoy 2007-04-27 16:37

*Insert 'ZOMG Unpossible thing have happened!!1' here*

Looks like KEY finally got over its xenophobia (or KyoAni pored over their contract and found a loophole), and man is it about time. Jeeze... Haruhi, Higurashi, and now AIR. I think I'll have to get my wallet some flowers and chocolates after this is all over.
Not to jump the gun, but could this mean that I'll eventually be holding a R1 DVD with a taiyaki thief on the cover?

I used to throw around: "If Azumanga Daioh can be licensed, anything is possible." Then it was: "If Pani Poni Dash can get licensed, absolutely anything is possible." Now, I figure I'll be using: "If AIR can get licensed, even the impossible is possible."

Edgewalker 2007-04-27 16:38

Air licensed ?


Deathkillz 2007-04-27 16:43


Originally Posted by FatPianoBoy (Post 922872)
*Insert 'ZOMG Unpossible thing have happened!!1' here*

/second O.o

now i wonder if kano would be next sharing the common connection between the two series :twitch: :eyespin:

GHDpro 2007-04-27 16:44


Originally Posted by Wuya (Post 922871)
what is their TV channel?
i have never heard of the ADV channel -.-

Shiroth 2007-04-27 16:45

Hopefully ADV will clean up the encodes, seen as the original DVD ones were unworthy of Air. They were cleaned up for the blu-ray set, so they know what went wrong.

Gee i can't wait until August 14th for the first DVD!

Dandruff 2007-04-27 16:52

Wow. Is all I can really say to this.

Seriously, my wallet is gonna get raeped this summer with all these animes coming this summer. I really enjoyed AIR and this was quite the suprise when I saw the news page on ANN.

Potatochobit 2007-04-27 16:56

this is not the blu-ray version right? I refuse to buy it if not.

Shiroth 2007-04-27 17:03


Originally Posted by Potatochobit (Post 922882)
this is not the blu-ray version right? I refuse to buy it if not.

Just so you know, the episodes in the blur-ray set are not blu-ray. OP and extras are.

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