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ff7799 2003-11-03 19:05

Don't complain !!!
Well I notice that their are a few people moaning about the lack of forumites right now because of the clean format by the ghd however I honestly think what he did was genius because now it has finally cleared out all the inactive accounts (which was a ton) and now people whom don't regularly visit the forums will be in for a nice surprise, I know it sucks that we lost all our topics :hmm: however in a way this is a good thing because now we have cleaned out tons of spam which was just taking up space.

[Titan] 2003-11-03 19:07

Agree, and don't complain about the layout, I'm sure it'll be improved later.

z-kun 2003-11-03 19:08

I really don't know what you are talking about... we have like broke through the greatest online record (that I know of)(278) - currently 305 :eek: :eek:

Youko 2003-11-03 19:19

I like this format alot better.. it's the same as my favourite forums :)

galadriel 2003-11-03 21:47

actually we should give credit to them for the hard work they did..and not complain.. :frustrated:
well, that's just me of course ;)

gravitation 2003-11-03 21:54

yes indeedy ARIGATO GOZAIMASU GHDpro (notice how i used gozaimasu...the highest level of politeness)

PiGGiEE 2003-11-06 04:43

Hmmmm I never saw the other layout since I'm new here but I really like this one... The colors are neutral which is easy on the eyes... A nice amount of topics to visit... (I'm a forum freak...) which keeps me busy reading and replying...
Overall... I reallly enjoy coming here reading and posting and sharing comments with you guys... Everyone is pretty cool :D

krel 2003-11-06 05:23

this new layout looks much more 'professional' than the last...but it makes no diff to me.

Wandering A.I. 2003-11-06 07:05

>The colors are neutral which is easy on the eyes.

That's my biggest complaint. I can barely tell the difference between threads with new posts and threads without...

~Jewelry* 2003-11-06 09:29

LoL..I like both forums, but this one is better than most of forums I saw. I would've suggested something else for the admin, but it was too late. Oh well, if ppl don't like it then they can just leave or something hehe....^^;

Imazul 2003-11-06 16:33

I like the old design better but I dont like neither Invision or phpBB so I dont really mind.

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