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GHDpro 2007-05-06 08:06

Gurren-Lagann - Favorite Quotes Thread
A thread for your favorite quotes from Gurren-Lagann. Please don't type out the entire script from an episode :) quote your favourite part of any scene or episode.

This thread will most likely contain spoilers! If you are posting a quote from a recent episode then please use spoiler tags. (hint and make sure that you include a title for the spoiler!).

7Th 2007-05-06 08:35

I know some quotes excel in pure badass-ness but this is still the funnier of them all:


"A man's fusion ain't like a cheap fling ya dump the next day!"

Skane 2007-05-06 08:46

From Ep02:

Kamina: "'Who Do You Think I Am' Kick!!!!"

Kamina: "'How Dare You Do That To My Precious Underling' Punch!!!!"

Kamina: "'This Is The Real Spirit Of Men' Cannonball Attack!!!!"
~~~~ ~~~~

Cheers. ;)

CrowKenobi 2007-05-06 09:47

Come on! The first quote should've been Kamina's classic line (from ep. 1):

"Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That's the Gurren-dan way!" :D

But I also like: "Listen up, Simon. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in me, who believes in you!" :heh:


xris 2007-05-06 09:56

I suspect (just like the Yoko Image thread), we should have named this thread the Kamina Favourite Quotes thread :)

Deathkillz 2007-05-06 10:27

kamina: "simon! gattai da~~~" :D

7Th 2007-05-06 10:33


Originally Posted by xris (Post 934692)
I suspect (just like the Yoko Image thread), we should have named this thread the Kamina Favourite Quotes thread :)

Leeron has a few cool quotes too.


Give it a good screw... LIKE A MAN!

This hole is incredible! I've never seen one like this!

Kisuke06 2007-05-06 10:36

Kamina: "Your drill is one that shall pierce through the heavens!"

Kamina FTW! :heh:

SinsI 2007-05-06 10:53

Kamina: "Become big; Become big; Become big and become a steak!"

Viral: "I'll tell you two things: First, any human on the surface will be completely annihilated by our Human Eradication Army. Second, that is my dinner - give it back!"

quina 2007-05-06 11:05

From Kamina::

Do not believe in yourself.
Believe in me, who believe in you.

Lost 2007-05-07 00:04

7TH beat me to it. Well, a different rendition won't hurt:

Leeron: Screw it in good, like a man!

What made it really funny was his thumb, which gave it a whole new level of meaning. :p

From episode 3:

Kamina (to Viral): You ambiguous human beast bastard.

solomon 2007-05-21 15:01

theres a ton of great threads, but I love the original


CrowKenobi 2007-05-21 16:00

Well, I like Kamina's quote from epic episode 8 (also in my current signature):


"Listen up Simon and don't forget: Believe in you, not in the me who believes in you; not in the you that believes in me. You should believe... believe in yourself!"

aardvark 2007-05-21 17:02

"If there isn't a path, I'll make one with this hand!"

That and the pose of the Gurren Lagann. Oh my god :D

quina 2007-05-21 18:52

If there is a wall, just smash it.
If there is no path, just make it with this hand!

Perfect Union, Gurren Lagann!

Skane 2007-05-29 02:45

From Ep08

Spoiler for why not?:

quina 2007-05-29 07:20

3 different version:
Kamina: Who the hell do you think I am?
Simon: Who do you think I am?
Nia: Who do you suppose I am?

KaedeKei 2007-07-08 03:01

We were forgetting Viral:

"It's been a while, naked monkeys!" :mad:


"Now then... I've come to reclaim my helm! That's... what I want to say... Before that.... Put on some damn clothes!!!" :frustrated:

Shiroth 2007-07-08 12:14

Might as well post two Kamina quotes from episode 11, that appear in my sig:

"When i feel weak or lack confidence, i'm reminded of seeing the back of Simon, who steadily dug his way out."

"Don't forget. Believe in yourself! Not you, who i believe in. Not me, who believes in you. Believe in you.. who believes in himself!"

outcast_within 2007-07-09 05:52

Ep 15:
... the digger Simon
If you are going to be a wall blocking my way
i'll drill a hole in you and blow you apart anytime

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