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lol4realz 2004-01-13 14:48

Popotan Music.. link?~!
Any way that sumone can provide a link or two far a site that has the songs (opening, and closing) for Popotan.

omg the songs are sooooo addicting! :-p

DrWho2002 2004-01-13 14:57

There you go.

Shii 2004-01-13 15:37

You want a "site"? I'll have you know that you can't request ripped CDs.

xris 2004-01-13 15:41

We request people not to ask for OST downloads. The odd OP or ED is OK so if that's all you are after I'm sure you should be able to find some site that will provide you those (search using Google) but if you want more, like tracks from the OST, I suggest you obtain the CD from somewhere like CDJapan (link provided above).

As per the forum rules...
  • Do not ask for other illegal materials either
    Obviously discussions about getting any other illegal materials, such as Ripped Music CDs (such as Anime OSTs), ROMs, ISOs, Warez etc. are not allowed either. Threads which break this rule will be either closed or simply deleted.

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