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Wosho128 2007-05-13 19:37

How is/How was High School for you?
I know that there is a school/uni thread or something of that nature already.

But I wanted to start a new topic specifically about the 4 year institution that shapes prepubescent teenagers into working members of society. (That's the idea, anyway.) If you are in High School, how is it for you? Is the experience fun? Do you wish the school days would never end? Or is it the opposite?

I pose the same question to posters who have already graduated from HS and would like to share their opinions on the experience. Are you thankful that you are out of that dump? Or do you find yourself wanting to go back to those blissful days?

I graduate on Friday and I didn't like my High School experience at all, haha. I'm wondering how other people feel/or have felt about High School?

Tran225 2007-05-13 20:21

high school can be fun, some of your friends may change like some may start smoking and stuff. u should really get into joining the high school clubs

Claies 2007-05-13 20:30

Eh...some tiny parts of it are fun (friends and anytime not class), but most of the time (class) I unconsciously want to shoot myself. My conscious mind was conditioned to school.

Vexx 2007-05-13 21:51

All the high schoolers I ever knew were well into "pubescent" O.o

Fun is where you look for it mostly... if the classes were fun it was because the people and teacher made it that way (my physics teacher was hilarious and my senior humanities class was a riot). On the other hand, "health" was moment-by-moment cliche of all the bad comedies of health class.
The German teacher was a level 60 nazi but the class had fun anyway (she liked our "3 Stooges" interpretation of a hitler and co. speech for our senior project).
I had fun in marching/symphonic band...
Otherwise, I was in the "geek/other" clique which had all the bright people that didn't fit into the "stoner/cowboy/football/fashionqueen" dominant cliques.

I enjoyed college a hell of a lot more though.

Spectacular_Insanity 2007-05-13 22:28

Yeah... I'm a mere two/three weeks (or so) from graduation. It's June 9th, w00t! :D (I'm too lazy to count exact days)

Then I'll be able to get out of this dump--- er, *cough cough* I mean, wonderfully stimulating environment... :innocent:

But seriously, high school has been so-so. Despite the 3 AP classes I took thisyear, I was (and am) still bored out of my mind. Have you ever been so bored it's physically painful? I have been. AP English was so bored one day that I thought I was going to suffer cardiac arrest or something.

I suppose I'll miss my school a little, but only for the security and familiarity. Given that my class size has been ~77 for the past 5 years with the EXACT SAME PEOPLE, I'm glad to finally have to opportunity to go out into the world and meet new people! :rolleyes:

Edit: Oh, btw, I'm going on an internship. It's going to be at my mom's company, under some biochemist that works to make sure that your medical implants don't do something funny to you, say, 10 or 20 years down the road. It should be a great experience and taste of the real world!

crystar 2007-05-13 22:38

High school... bleh. Didn't really like it. Didn't mind it, the days just passed by. We don't really have these specific cliques in my old school. It was either you were with the giant "in" group or you were out and either had your own mini-groups (few people) or you had no group and was a loner.

I just had my own little group and I didn't join any clubs either. Didn't mind lessons, easier then what I'm doing now (although I found it hard at the time). If anything, the number one thing that got to me was the immaturity.

College/University is more of a blessing that we have a lecture hall full of people and they all go quiet straight away without the lecturer saying anything. (Except for the occasional few people who get sent out for not being able to stop talking) Working with people who actually want to study is how I prefer it. That said however, it's even harder to make friends in college if you don't have that active outgoing personality.

Aoie_Emesai 2007-05-13 23:37


Originally Posted by Vexx (Post 945312)
All the high schoolers I ever knew were well into "pubescent" O.o

Fun is where you look for it mostly... if the classes were fun it was because the people and teacher made it that way (my physics teacher was hilarious and my senior humanities class was a riot). On the other hand, "health" was moment-by-moment cliche of all the bad comedies of health class.
The German teacher was a level 60 nazi but the class had fun anyway (she liked our "3 Stooges" interpretation of a hitler and co. speech for our senior project).
I had fun in marching/symphonic band...
Otherwise, I was in the "geek/other" clique which had all the bright people that didn't fit into the "stoner/cowboy/football/fashionqueen" dominant cliques.

I enjoyed college a hell of a lot more though.

Very true. It had its good days and what not. I disliked it till about 12th grade, in which I wanted some of my dreams to become a reality and started to work harder and started actually doing the school work ^_^. I hate everything but Science. Now I love every subject except speech class, which was worthless, IMO.

PS: Early Congratulations to you, Spectacular_Insanity ^^ and any AS members Graduating this May (to the Members not living in the US too or when ever you graduate this year; I only know the US's school period :()

Medalist 2007-05-13 23:51

High school sucked...4 classes of the underworld each day...

Good thing I've been out of that Hell Hall for a good 2-3 years

Stay with the friends you can trust. Stay "Above-The-Influence"

Tatsumiko 2007-05-14 05:27

Alright lets see...ehmm in America you have elementary school first...then Junior high school...then high school and then college

(had to look it up on wikipedia ^^")

So in my country I go to high school next year. ><"

Hope its not gonna be to bad. X(

Skane 2007-05-14 06:03

Best four years of my education period. :D Too many memorable events to list everything here in detail, but let me put it this way. When I meet up with my friends, we still have fun remembering what happened to us during those four years. The friendships I forged during those four years were the best ones I had so far.

I had a classmate who was a ventriloquist (and he frequently tricked the teacher into thinking that some other student was doing the talking).

My Literature class was a motley crew of 11 students from 2 classes (the other 390+ students chose History). So we had no classroom! :heh: We held our lessons wherever there was space. :heh:

The adventures I had under our militaristic Scout Master. :heh: Wading through latrine-polluted mud, building a suspension bridge without safety lines, constructing a medieval catapult, having a five-storey high flagpole collapsed onto me, etc... the blood and sweat of my ECA-life. :heh:

The teachers were a fun bunch too, and even they agreed that my class was the most fun to teach. :naughty:

Of course, there were also the "drama events", such as the time when a schoolmate stabbed another guy with a sharpened comb, or how a classmate stabbed me in the thigh with a pencil because I refused to lend him my colour-pencils, and the countless fistfights and scuffles that broke out from time to time. :heh:

All in all though, it was a very positive period during my life. The only possible complaint I could have about it is that it was an all-boys school. :heh:


harukamae 2007-05-14 06:12

I was always anxious to graduate, but high school was still a blast. I moved to a smaller town when I was a sophomore and was lucky to fall into a really tight knit group of friends that were just as eccentric as me... My uni is huge though and I kinda miss the closeness of a small school.

Anyway, congratulations to all who are graduating!

wao 2007-05-14 06:41

Here the equivalent of high school is for students 17-18 (not counting polytechnic, that would be 17-19)... If it was for that time in my life from 13-16, known as "secondary school" here, I have to say the last two years of that were by far the best of my life so far - I had a class which was probably the closest a class could ever get to my ideal one, full of genuinely interesting and fun people. I changed a lot that year, became a lot more independant, proactive, genuinely interested in learning and getting to know other people - needless to say my grades improved significantly as well.

But if you're talking about high school (i.e. now) from 17-18, then... ugh. I hate it. I want to get out of it ASAP. Let's just say that I can't get along with most of my class and most of them don't get along with me, the lessons are painfully uninteresting and most of my teachers are depressingly dry, and so much of the emphasis is on getting good marks rather than creative learning... and well, I wisely decided to take a subject combination that has two courseworks for the national exam.

Unlike you American folks graduating in the middle of this year, I have all the way until November until my exams finish... orz

It's not like I dislike studying, but I simply can't get the disturbingly fanatic way some people do it. I guess I'm just lazy >_> Too bad.

Nightengale 2007-05-14 07:13

Secondary school for me here in Malaysia (( there's really no "high", just upper and lower secondary )) was great. There were ups and downs, but really, life's not enjoyable without flaws or hardships. It's through adversities that we learn, experience and see things different.

Since I shifted classes on 2 occasions to improved and declining performance, I had opportunities to meet more friends, and learn under more teachers. It was great times. Our English Teacher, who was a Brother formerly teaching in London was awesomely awesome, as his classes almost always derail from syllabuses, and yet we learn new things each time. My Science, Physics, Home Education... So many memorable teachers, and it was saddening seeing them retire.

If there was negativity, I'd say that even though I improved decently overall, I had some inferiority complex from my class's top 15 students. Not only were they all a level above everyone else, I know all of them personally, and I know...they rarely study. They're pros of winging things. They works 1/5th as hard as everyone else, and easily gets a minimum of 85s. The exception of course, is the best student, but considering he's involved in like...30 societies, spends his free time teaching university students maths, takes loads of subjects, and still get an overall of 90 for all of them...I rarely compare myself, but I really envy them.

Regardless, school life...was great. I'm only 18+, but yeah...some things are really just different once you let it go.

crazy cute 2007-05-14 08:10

it's ok except when your best friends leave than it's like getting your heart ripped into two or millions of pieces trust me because I'm a freshmen and my bro. is leaving as soon as he graudates this year and won't connect with asnyone and it's like my heart was ripped into millions and millions of pieces. but I still Have 3 more years to go.

Honey_and_Cleaver 2007-05-14 08:35


Just kidding. Im starting to become a bit like that, im worried i might end up like that.

Ending 2007-05-14 08:55

Around here it's 6 years in elementary, 3 in upper school, 3 in upper secondary, and then 3-5 at polytechinc or university.

I kinda liked of my time in the upper secondary, even though the lessons were horribly boring for the most part. Much better, though, when compared to the three years I spend in the hormone-filled upper school. We all were such jackasses.

-KarumA- 2007-05-14 11:08

High school to be honest my first 4 years in it were hell...
i never actually liked it.. people talk behind your back, tease you, steal your tuff and break things for fun...
let alone all the things you have to learn etc. are all study from book methods and you never get to learn anythign you really like, i prefer my current status.. college

kayos 2007-05-14 12:24

Actually my blissful moments were in middle school because after middle school I had to attend a separate high school from my friends. So I was the only new guy I knew.

My high school had it's good moments and bad moments, I hated my first year so I decided I was going to take morning, afternoon, and night classes... even summer school just to graduate early. So I did and it made me miss out on my prom and graduation. Best times were in H.S. summer school, for a loner I was pretty popular with the girls. I always had a bleacher's full of girls cheering for me when I ran track.

felix 2007-05-14 14:57


So I was the only new guy I knew.
Been there done that.. a half a duzen times..
After a while you get used to it. Well I guess at least I've gotten used to changing environment in a flash. Though I don't feel that proud about it... I feel I'm a little too "cold-hearted" sometimes.. oh well..

I don't get why everybody has a problem with schuel.. x_X
I think I've seen all kinds of people.. Be they teachers or colleagues..
From whiners to over confident think-I-know-it-all wannabees..

Actually I lied above.. you never get used to it =(

Midorii 2007-05-14 15:30

Here we have 5 high school years, and when you get to the 4th you have to choose if you want to follow the other two years with an administraicion orientation, or a normal one.
The first 2 high school years were great, it was all about fun and getting in to trouble. 3th year was the worst, i realized my friends were not good people, and my best friend got angry with me.
And now, 4th year, i chose to follow a normal orientation, so, i'm alone, all my friends chose the other orientation =[ But i'm getting along with other class mate, so i can't say i'm having such a bad moment.

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