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jOeGoLo 2004-01-14 02:09

is this series completed?
on animenfo it has fma listed as 52 episodes..but it seems like it's currently airing, so has this series already finished and everyone is just getting on the ball now..or is this a completed series that's being released one episode at a time on tv??



Reydien 2004-01-14 03:14

The series is currently airing for the first time (premiering) in Japan right now. Unless I'm mistaken episode 14 was the most recent episode. It is expected to run 52 episodes; I presume it was officially announced at one point.

jOeGoLo 2004-01-14 05:32

ah..that makes more sense then..cuz most of the currently airing shows don't have a total episode number on animenfo so it confused me :p thanks!~

Dragon Flame 2004-01-14 06:37

some shows like FMA, are set from the beginning, they went into a deal, signed a contract for 52 episodes, or 2 seasons, same thing.. (roughly) while shows like Naruto, being as popular as the manga was, and One Piece, also a popular manga, were signed indeffinately, pretty much means they'll be on TV rightup until they lose popularity, or until the manga finishes, and then the show catches up to the manga, and also finishes

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