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Epsilon 2007-05-26 18:25

Echo Designs/GFX sig gallery
I'm new here ^^

I have a habit of making my first post a gallery so:

Spoiler for Signatures:

Feel free to use any of these signatures.

WINGZERO619 2007-05-26 19:31

Hmmmm, nice variety pack you have there... but definately room for improvement on all of them. I see a couple of patterns you follow which is not bad but could definately give you pointers. If you like, I can critique each and every one of them, but since this is old work, I'm sure I can put that on hold until you start making current ones on this site.

Epsilon 2007-05-26 19:36

Don't i know you from somewhere?!?!

I've had alot of college work so i've only been able to stick with a couple of styles. I'm still in the experimenting stage. TBH my old work sucks. Hate em.

I'm still trying to improve on my newer work. If you can CnC the newer work. Would be great.

WINGZERO619 2007-05-26 19:42

You might know me from somewhere lol... I'm a drifter offering my services to different forums. I don't hang out anywhere else but the gfx sections on forums. Your work is not bad but I like to give to people straight. I'm not here to make anyone butt hurt or anything but rather want the sig creator to improve on their skills. I've also provided some video tutorials in the tut section on different photoshop tools and sig creations. I recently made the move from windows to Mac OSX and trying to get a new video capture video so I can continue making vid tuts on sigs and what not. When I have time, I'll take the time and critique your work in small bunches. I look forward to seeing some new work. If you have any questions, let me know what's up. I actually like to critique then make sigs lol... it's fun to see others excel in sig making!

Epsilon 2007-05-26 19:51

updated: Newer work has now been arranged with newest at top.

What did you use before? I use camtasia when i make my video tutorials.

Just checked your gallery and alot of your sigs i have seen before. Such like the 'Welcome to MO' i was a member of MO. also the sigs for 'The One' I have seen them used before by 'The One'. I have also seen some of your other sigs floating about.
No offense but alot of those sigs aren't really my style of design. As you proberly know as a designer, a designer has their own style.

I appreciate the CnC/R+R on my sigs.
Please do not take any offense if i disagree with your CnC as sometimes i do not think some changes are necessary to my style. I have known some people to CnC and then start a flame war because i disagree with their CnC of my work.

With my newer work, i just recently picked up this style (had work and college to attend to), any help to improve my style of sig would be greatly appreciated.

WINGZERO619 2007-05-26 19:54

LoL, no worries about the CnC. I'm not here to flame or bag on anyone's style and it doesn't bother me one bit if you don't like my style. Yes both of us know as a designer we have our own taste and style. I used another desktop recording program on my windows based pc's but I'm actually concentrating on using just my Mac. So right now I found a pretty good recording program for the OSX system... but of course it's no where near Camtasia's program. Wish they had that for mac. So where have you seen my work from? It's cool to always see a friendly from another site.

Epsilon 2007-05-26 19:58

I'm sure theres a good screen rec program for the OSX system. I have a friend that uses a good one. I'll help you search for one.

I've used to see most of your work on MO. Every now and again i see one of your sigs on forums like CL, WC and other anime forums. I'm mostly on forums for the GFX sections and D/L sections. Oh and for the community. Its a good way to make friends in the same things as you. Helpful as well ^^

WINGZERO619 2007-05-26 20:09

lol, I knew I've seen your name somewhere lol. I would greatly appreciate if you can hook up some info on desktop recording so I can continue my work. For MO I was the GFX Mod... and for the other ones I'm just there doing my thing and helping out the ones who seek help in creating sigs from scratch or other photoshop related issues. But good to see you on here. Right now I'm dj'ing on an internet radio station so I won't get to your sigs, but for sure before the three day weekend ends I'll get to them. I'll be around in and out checking out new posts.

bigdave 2007-05-26 20:17

Echo>> Ur sig style is interesting :)
I really like the dark saber one ^^b xD :heh:

may I ask what is the name of the font u used in the chrono crusade one? :D

WingZero>> SO ur a mod for another forum? nice ^__^
Im a mod as well but it would seem that there aren't that many ppl from my forum here. :confused:

Even thought "technically" it is bigger, but there are only like 10 or more on in the forums at any given time.

Epsilon 2007-05-26 20:17

ohhh DJ'ing on a internet radio station. The only internet radio station i listen to is AY.

which do you DJ for..i'll listen out for you :P.

I didn't really get known that well while i was on MO. My comp was used mainly for internet searches, programming and website designing.
now that i only have to go to work as alot of my college stuff is done for the year, i can get back into my GFX and start experimenting which style suits me best. Would appreciate it if people helped me while i do that ^^

I can also go back to GFX modding alot of other sites again ^^

I'll PM you what i find out on desktop recs for OX S.

I think the chrno crusad font is called *opens up photoshop* An Unfortunate Event DeWarped. Got it from

WINGZERO619 2007-05-26 20:24

My set is almost over so for the next time I'll be sure to PM you the details on where you can listen to me. But for sure post up some new work so we can get started on critiquing. I like this site a lot. What's funny is that one of the most active threads here is the request thread which is a surprise. So i'll be sticking around here for a good while. Lots of talented people around here so be on the look out for their work. We gotta also help those in need. I say if you're able to help someone on here, then you just improve on your skills because you know what you're talking about and sharing your knowledge of past experiences.

Epsilon 2007-05-26 20:29

lol past

My GFX CV [as such]

SOTW Won: 15/58
WOTW Won: 4/15
SSOTM Won: 2/13 [sig set]

Requests completed: 12 over past week
[all of these requests were not anime related so i cant really post them here]

I enjoy making requests, the way you feel like you have helped someone, be it cutting out a render, cutting out sprites, or making a sig..i love that sence of achievement.

No doubt that i will be helping people out.

Really into making FSN sigs recently..i just love the artwork you can find.

bigdave 2007-05-26 20:49


Originally Posted by EE
Really into making FSN sigs recently..i just love the artwork you can find.

hahah u and me both!
*points at sig*

I did that one recently and Wing over here helped me make it look better :D

O and thx for telling me the font. :)

Daniel E. 2007-05-26 21:37


Originally Posted by Element_Echo
Feel free to use any of these signatures.

You may want to change/upgrade your sigs first; almost all of them go above the allowed size limit here.

Still, I really like your work! :)

Epsilon 2007-05-27 05:52


Originally Posted by Daniel E. (Post 964397)
You may want to change/upgrade your sigs first; almost all of them go above the allowed size limit here.

Still, I really like your work! :)

I practically copied and pasted everything from another forum. still..people can are more than welcome to use my sigs on other forums.

working on a new style.

Tutorial moved

Epsilon 2007-05-27 12:25
Just made this one before food!
Was stumped on the text so i left it out.

WINGZERO619 2007-05-28 10:29
Wide screen on these sigs looks pretty good. I would have to say level adjustments would improve on the colors for both render and bg. Another thing I would like to point out is the transparent banner you have on the first one. It's a matter of preferrence, but personally, I would have it run under the render and not over her. The 2nd one is fine because it runs consistantly over her whole body.

* I'll continue to add more comments on the rest of your work...

Sephi 2007-05-28 11:41

Nice works.
Good work on the animated Chrone Crusade sig. Like most animated once except the bleach Hitsugaya one. ^^ quality of the animated part is quite bad. But that's probably the color limit.

Try mix some of your old style with your newer once. Perhaps the outcome will be quite good :P

And don't forget the size limit on sigs. :P 50 is max on Animesuki. But i'm sure you can compress it without notable quality lose.

Cyz 2007-05-28 18:13

Really nice work.

-> I like these 3 the best :nod: :kisskiss:

Epsilon 2007-05-29 08:04
A simple collab i did with my collab partner.
Most of it does suck a bit

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