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Hiei- 2007-05-13 03:20

Captain Tsubasa (TV, 1983)
If some peoples are interested, and as the project with the old team explained in the previous posts of this topic got nowhere, we finally decided to do the fansub ourself.

We're a french team subbing Captain Tsubasa from Japanese, and we think it sucks that no english subs are available for it.

First, we plan to start the original series, and this summer, to start releasing Captain Tsubasa J - World Youth (the part when Tsubasa plays in Sao Paulo's team [Brazil] and where the Japan try to be qualified to the Junior World Cup), maybe also later Shin Captain Tsubasa, we'll see (the sequel of the original series), and why not movies ?

We have 4 episodes translated for the original series (and one of the four already be done in english), and 8 episodes translated for "Captain Tsubasa J - World Youth" (the season is 12 episodes long).

So, we're searching one or two good checks in order to check spelling and grammar of the translation.

It have already be done once by a friend (american one) but I prefer to see the scripts checked one or two more times to be sure to release something good.

Encoding will be done from R2 DVD (Japanese) for all the Captain Tsubasa projets.

We'll also plan to make fansubs of "Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken". I have some raws with good quality (VHS RIP, but the quality is really really good for VHS, I remember I posted somes pics of them in the Dai no Daibouken topics a long time ago). Like Captain Tsubasa, we did a french sub for Japanese, and as Shining Fansubs' projet seems to be on eternal hatius, I think it could be cool to have a fansub, morever with betters RAWS.

We're also searching one or two checks for this project, and right now, we have 8 episodes translated (the series is 46 episodes long).

Don't except some releases every week for each project or something like that, but I think we can do some releases with a decent planning.

For peoples who are interested, feel free to pm me (it would be for the next weeks, the team would be created sometimes around June and so the first release, which would be "Captain Tsubasa 001").

Goblinator 2007-05-13 07:41

Yeah I'm extremely interested in this project and I'm more interested in the english fansubs of the first series with japanese audio.. I watched shin ct in japanese audio with french subtitles. (I understand french) plus the movies.

I think that this series deserve a lot more of attention.

But please, if you guys release it, please use so we can directly download from the net. Bitorrent and emule for me is extremely slow :(.

Hiei- 2007-05-13 13:43

If I use something like that, I think I would use Megaupload as I have a premium account.

Anyway, if the team goes well, we could always also make an xdcc.

Another thing. If Shinsen don't release the last episodes of Ring ni Kakero Nichibei Kessen, we will probably also do them a bit later (and maybe third season if it's aired one day and if no one plan to do them).

We only plan to do subs that are not available, of course.

We think subbing some news series or some olds series already subbed by some others groups is quite useless.

Anyway, the main project will be the original series of Captain Tsubasa (Ep. 1 is near ready, just need one or two checks and it can be encoded).

Goblinator 2007-05-13 23:41

By the way, I think it's easier to just release the subtitle on a separate file.

And also, can you use download managers on Mega Upload? That's my primary concern while I know that you can use download managers on

Hiei- 2007-05-14 02:08

Yeah, you can use download managers on Megaupload (like getright).

About the seperate file, no, that sucks.

1) You have to encode/upload the good raw though, because each raw use different times plus Captain Tsubasa RAWS are hard to find so the RAW will have to be uploaded.

2) Everybody can modify the files, and so, we can't know if people which will see the episode will have the real script or not, etc...

3) The file can also be "stolen", I don't really mind to become famous lol, but I don't want to see the scripts leaked if there's a problem with someone making an encode and claiming he did it.

By the way, seperate file or not, it don't change the fact we need one or two checkers, so that's change nothing.

The only interest of it is to make MKV, but MKV also have only one "big "interest", make some dual audios and dual subs or somethings like that.

Goblinator 2007-05-14 05:06

I guess you're right. I didn't think of those problems.

Do you have a website for the old team? I would like to know...:D

Hiei- 2007-05-14 15:58

No, there wasn't. It was a team made with sangofe where I had translated two episodes but it never goes somewhere.

Goblinator 2007-05-14 22:36

So how's everything going? The team is going to be made in June no? And we can expect a release of the first episode in June?

Hiei- 2007-05-15 03:04

The team will be opened as soon as one or two persons who can edit the scripts (check for spelling errors and such) will propose their help.

So yeah, if it happen in the next days, the first episode will be released at the end of May/start of June.

skanjos 2007-05-15 03:34

whoohoo i am so waiting for the first episode :D
ty for doing this for the english speaking fans :)

Hiei- 2007-05-15 23:46

Too bad, it seems no edit people are interested so I don't know if it'll be able to be done one day =\ (and releasing episodes with only one edit on the script isn't the best I think), but let's wait and will see.

It's a really easy task as long as your english skill is good (of course, mine isn't perfect, I'm using French in common life, not English), just need to read the translation from a .txt file and check if there are no errors, and if there some, write them in another .txt file which will be sent later to me. Then, I fix the errors and the episode can then be released.

Goblinator 2007-05-17 14:05

I have been correcting the english mistakes for the english Captain Tsubasa manga scanlations. I think I can help but how many hours will it take for me to correct the mistakes per week?

Hiei- 2007-05-18 02:35

I don't know, 30 minutes for a script ? Depend of your speed (and it was already corrected one time, so should be fast)

We won't do one release per week anyway so it won't be a really harassing job.

Futhermore, we're not really a team who ask members to do "x amount of work for x day", here we're working when we feel to, no pressure on schedule :)

Goblinator 2007-05-18 06:23

i'll help but will i be the only spelling mistakes corrector?

Hiei- 2007-05-19 02:26

Someone already did it once, so you'll be the second.

I'm sending you the file by pm.

Thanks a lot.

sangofe 2007-05-19 02:44


Originally Posted by Hiei- (Post 952798)
Someone already did it once, so you'll be the second.

I'm sending you the file by pm.

Thanks a lot.

Can you concider using the scripts I timed xD?
Cuz I reallllyyyy would like to watch capeta with my timing, instead of hiei's :P

Hiei- 2007-05-19 07:24


It would be some more work for nothing.

And a timing is a timing, it's the same for all (plus never saw someone criticize it my timings).

sangofe 2007-05-19 09:12


Originally Posted by Hiei- (Post 953010)

It would be some more work for nothing.

And a timing is a timing, it's the same for all (plus never saw something criticize it).

Timing styles are extremely different, dude 0.o
How the heck can a timer say " a timing is a timing" >_<
Oh well, whatever, dude.

Hiei- 2007-05-19 11:31

Because a timing should start when the voice start and end when the voice end ? (a bit before and after for each), and with scene-timing. That's how I think of how a timing has to be at least, and I don't see other way to do it (start it far better or stop it far after wouldn't look very good).

I would understand that for a translation, but for a timing lol, whatever :)

Anyway, if someone have something to say about the timing once the first episode will be released, I'll listen to it, but I don't think there will be.

By the way, script sent to editing.

The episode 1 will be released as soon as the script will be edited.

I'll probably think of making an irc channel at this time.

tugatosmk 2007-05-19 14:57

Captain Tsubasa '83 is being fansubbed? Wohooo!! :D

I wish the best to your efforts, hiei-. ;)

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