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monir 2007-05-29 16:10

Fansubs Forum Guidelines - Ojisan calls it a "Must Read!"
Fansub Forum Rules:-
  • Fansubs Forum Guidelines [Please Read Me First]
    The post runs down on the particular forum rules and guidelines that needs to be observed when posting in the Fansubbed section of the forum.
  • Do NOT ask when the next episode will be released!
    Fansubs are free. Fansubbers provide this free service to the fans of anime in their own free time and will. In other words, they aren't obligated to sub a series. By not posing such question, it will impress on a fansubber that the general anime fans do understand and appreciate what a fansubber must go through to render this free service to the fans. Any post breaking this rule will be deleted.
  • Spoiler Policy
    The policy explains the general stance on spoiler in forums and subforum that are dedicated to anime. Please note that some of the exceptions in the spoiler policy may not apply to the weekly episode discussion threads in dedicated sub-forums for shows. Read the opening posts, or the sticky-posts to know about how the spoiler policy is enforced in threads such as the weekly episode discussion threads.

The useful threads:-
  • How Many Episodes: Answered here!
    Do you want to know how many episodes there are in a series? Yes? Then click on the above link without any further ado.
  • Series Discussion Index
    So you want to know if a thread is already in existence for that particular series you want to talk about? Say what? You also want to know if that series in question is licensed or not? Then click on the above link, for Ojisan has you covered!

Everyone is encouraged to use the report button that is located under the left hand corner of every user name whenever any of the above rules are broken.

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Keitaro 2007-05-29 16:11

Some guidelines to remember when posting in this forum:
Don't forget to read the Forum Rules

  1. This is a forum for discussing anime series currently available as fansubs only. Please post in the correct forum where appropriate. If you are unsure on where to post your thread then contact a moderator or admin using the PM (private message) function.

  2. Please do not ask about licensed anime. As described in Fansubbing and Licensing fansubs are technically illegal as they breach copyright laws. However as does not wish to be associated with piracy, discussions about unlawfully getting licensed anime or even DVD rips are not allowed. This means you are not allowed to post links to sites with such licensed material or ways to obtain it illegally, or ask for links or instructions to be emailed or PM'ed to you. Threads which break this rule will be either closed or simply deleted. Q: So how can I check too see whether a anime is licensed or not? A: You can easily find out whether a anime is currently licensed or not using Animesuki's License Database, and if it isn't on the list then try searching the following Anime databases: AnimeOnDVD Grand High Licensing List, or AnimeNfo.

  3. Please do not ask when the next episode will be released. More info here.

  4. Check if your question has already been answered. Please use the search feature of this forum to see if your question has already been asked (and possibly answered) before. If this is the case, please post in the existing thread instead of creating a new one. If you wish to discuss a specific anime please use the Series Discussion Index to help find if a thread already exists.

  5. No insulting and/or harassment. Insulting and/or harassing other forum members on the forum or through the PM feature is not tolerated. Any inappropriate language will be removed and if threads turn into flame wars they will be closed.

  6. As always use spoiler tags where appropriate. Please read our Spoiler Policy as this is the over-riding guide. Not everyone likes to be spoiled. Never put spoilers in the thread's main title as this will be displayed for everyone to see. If you decide to use spoiler tags please mark them appropriately, getting spoiled from a incorrectly marked spoiler tag is no fun. Many Anime series are also available in manga and / or game form. Please keep all manga related discussion in the Manga Forum and all game related discussion in the Games forum. In doing so this will prevent confusion and keep accidental manga spoilers down to the minimum. Any deliberate use of posting spoilers without spoiler tags and exclusive manga / game material can be deleted and possibly bans could be handed out. For instructions on using the spoiler tag function, see the Spoiler Tag FAQ.

NoSanninWa 2007-05-29 16:12

Because it'll be released WHEN IT IS READY.

  • Fansubs are provided for free. Therefore the fansub groups owe you NOTHING. Which means you have no right to demand anything.

  • Fansub groups should be able to take as long as they feel necessary to release the next episode.

  • Fansubbing TAKES TIME. It's not an instant process. It's amazing it usually only takes a few days for some anime, but don't complain when it takes longer. Remember, fansubbers have a life too.

  • Before something can be fansubbed, it actually has to air first in Japan. So it's ultra DUMB to ask why there aren't a whole lot more episodes yet.

  • Most important of all:


monir 2008-10-17 13:31

Spoiler Policy:

Inappropriate spoilers are not welcome here at AnimeSuki Forums. A spoiler is anything that discloses an event, character, plot or other information before it is revealed within the specific work being discussed. Any post containing spoilers may be deleted in its entirety and an infraction will be issued to the poster. Repeated violations of this rule will lead to a ban.

Anything outside the scope of a topic is considered a spoiler. Check the thread's title and forum to determine what is allowed. For example, in an anime thread (e.g. threads in the Fansubbed forum), information from the manga, novels, or games would be considered a spoiler. In a thread about a specific episode of a show (in series-specific forums like the Naruto forum), information about future episodes would be considered a spoiler. In a thread about one show, information about a different show would be considered a spoiler (e.g. revealing Kanon's plot in a Clannad thread is a spoiler). So pay attention to the topic and forum. Restrict your discussion to the subject in question since anything else is a spoiler!

Spoilers are permitted in limited circumstances, provided that they are posted under clearly marked spoiler tags. These exceptions include:
  • Posting and discussing content found on official sites or blogs.
  • Answering specific questions about past or current events using knowledge of the source material. (We strongly encourage posters to discuss any spoilers via PM, rather than in the work's discussion thread.)
  • Comparing events in an adaptation to the way they were presented in the source material or other adaptations. (Discussions about the source material itself, or extended comparisons should be directed to the appropriate manga/novel/game thread.)
  • Comparing one story to another, when such comparisons are useful or informative. (These spoiler tags must always be labeled with the name of the other work whose spoilers it contains.)
Please note that additional restrictions may apply in certain threads so consult the opening post of each thread for more information. If you have a question about whether something is considered a spoiler or if it is permitted under this policy, please refrain from posting in the discussion thread and either contact a moderator or ask your question in the Spoiler Policy Q&A thread.

Note regarding unsubbed "raw" anime episodes:
Because our forum is targeted primarily at fansub viewers, it is inconsiderate to openly discuss or post impressions of an episode before the fansubs are released, except in threads discussing that specific episode. So, when multiple raw and fansubbed episodes are being discussed in the same thread, please keep all discussion of unsubbed episodes behind clearly-marked spoiler tags. Discussing unsubbed anime is not a spoiler according to this policy, but please be considerate.
Adding a Spoiler tag:
Just highlight your spoiler and click the button found on the "Quick Reply" and "Reply to Thread" forms.
Make sure that you include a title that clearly identifies the specific source of the spoiler!

Please use the Report button if you see any spoilers:
Click the button found to the left of the post, just under the poster's avatar.
Using the Report button is anonymous and helps the Moderators locate and deal with problems quickly.

Note: Reporting a post does not mean the poster will be banned instantly, so you shouldn't feel bad about it. The moderators prefer not to use bans unless warnings are repeatedly ignored. Permanent bans only follow for habitual recidivists.

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