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Super strokey 2004-01-14 18:31

What should i try for anime now?
Im kinda new to the whole scene so i thought i would get some suggestions on what to watch next. I have watched the original robotech, gundam seed, gundam wing, escaflowne and now im looking for something new. Im not really into the vampire kinda things that i see or someting like new dominion tank police. I like solid space style story lines, although if you guys think a different one is good enough i will give it a try too. I guess im asking for guidance is all.

xris 2004-01-14 18:35


Originally Posted by Super strokey
I guess im asking for guidance is all.

Well, if it's guidance you are looking for, here's some....

Please post in an appropriate forum. So far you are 0 for 2 :) Here's a hint, go to the forum front page and read the little descriptions under the Forum name.

This thread should be in the

Suggestions forum.
If you want to ask what good anime is to download, ask in here.

Moving thread into Suggestions

Super strokey 2004-01-14 18:38

Whoops, sorry about that. Thanks for moving it though

Lambda 2004-01-14 19:56

Hmm, solid space style storylines. Crest of the Stars immediately jumps out at me, extremely classy show with a good level of intelligence. Gunbuster is a very interesting choice, a bit strange and part-parody but with incredible visual storytelling and an unusual mixture of hard science fiction and melodrama. (And the greatest ending ever.) Stellvia and Planet S are the most obvious ones at Animesuki. And you might want to investigate some of the older (generally better) Gundam series, though I'm not familiar enough with them to say anything specific.

GreyArea 2004-01-14 20:58

And if you want something refreshing after bathing completely in space-mecha anime for a while, watch Nadesico :D

babbito2k 2004-01-14 21:22

Twin Spica (torrents on AnimeSuki) is decent SF about teens preparing for space travel.

Kiddy Grade is a solid show, more of a superhero theme.

Starship Girl Yamamoto Youko is a neat older show, you can get a torrent for the first ep.

Avenger is set on Mars, it is getting some positive attention from people although I dislike it. Torrents are available for this one too.

If you want great mecha action certainly watch GunBuster! as was mentioned (one of my faves and works as SF too, which is rare). Evangelion is many people's all-time favorites (very high on my list too), and Dual is very good.

As far as something DIFFERENT, I have to recommend Kodomo no Omocha. It was probably the first show I saw that made me enjoy anime as being different from American cartoons (the shows you mentioned having seen were all licensed & dubbed for American TV, partly because they are kind of like other American stuff).

Kodomo no Omocha is funny as hell and is definitely Japanese in its outlook and presentation. It does not rely on adult humor (which you have not seen much of in the shows you mentioned and may not want to see). And you can watch the first 10 episodes or so and see a great story arc and not have to worry about seeing the rest of the series. You can also get torrents at the AnimeSuki site! Ganbare!

aahhsin 2004-01-14 22:28

vandread just watch that good old anime vandread

Super strokey 2004-01-14 22:50

Thanks for all the ideas guys, i will try each of them

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