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Shaolin Monk 2004-01-15 02:39

is playing incomplete avi. possible?
i've d/l a batch of anime episodes
ex: 1-10 of naruto
but when im about 50% completed and i shut down still wouldn't play episode1. I checked and episode 1 is completed already. This also happen for other anime batches i've downloaded,so is it possible for me to play episodes in batches before they are completed?

rayearth 2004-01-15 03:48

How did you "check" it was completed? If you checked via filesize, that won't work since BT will allocate an EMPTY file with the full filesize right at the beginning, then fill it in bit by bit as it downloads.

NoSanninWa 2004-01-15 03:52

I'll tell you how BT3.3 works. First it creates a file of size 0 for each file in a batch. Then it starts downloading whichever parts of each file it can get, preferable the rarest. It then saves all these parts to the first file in the list regardless of which file the part belongs to. It keeps track of which part is where in an index. Once it has filled up the first file to the size it is supposed to be it will start saving the parts in the second file and so on.

Eventually it starts to sort out the parts putting them where they belong, but you can't judge file completion by their size.

scotty81 2004-01-15 06:03

try avipreview, I think it was first designed to read the part files ( You guess for which soft )
but it can be used to "preview" incomplete anime.

Vulkar 2004-01-15 07:39

I wouldn't try playing an incomplete bittorrent download because bittorrent doesn't download its parts in order. You may have 50%, Shaolin Monk but I seriously doubt that 50% makes up 100% of the first .avi in your batch file. For example, back at school I have a batch Lupin III episodes I downloaded. They're at 75-80% right now and when I play the first episode it doesn't play correctly because there is data missing. This is one of the drawbacks of bittorrent in my opinion. You should probably wait until the download is comple to watch the files.

I like IRC. especially since I'm at home on break from school on a 56k modem. It downloads the file parts in order so everything downloaded is watchable. It helps with my impatience. I wait until the file is downloaded far enough so only the end theme is left and then I watch it while the download finishes. Helps keep me from going insane from the wait. Or if I'm too too impatient I'll watch half the episode as it is downloading.

Cruzz 2004-01-15 08:03

If you *really* have to be able to watch files in a batch before the whole batch is finished, start using the Azureus client, you can force it to prioritize files in a batch (and stop it from downloading certain files from the batch too).

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