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Kaiko 2007-06-13 11:53

Meh, I'm pretty much looking for another action anime to watch. Looking into something thats recently completed and addictive. I've enjoyed Black Lagoon and currently enjoying claymore.

I prefer medieval-type action anime. Swords, Bows and Arrows, etc. Adventuring is also a nice addition. And as usual with me, if theres romance, thats welcome too.

UPR 2007-06-13 13:48

Beet the Vandel Buster- fits perfect with bows and swords although there is fantasy involved in it.
Elemental Gelade

Furuno 2007-06-13 19:25

Fate/Stay Night - Definitely medieval (at modern time) with (cute) King Arthur included...
Utawarerumoo - War took place at ancient japan.
Rurouni Kenshin - Ever watched it? If haven't than try it!

Sorry, but please AniDB or AnimeNewsNetwork or Wikipedia for more information...

eternalflame 2007-06-13 22:10

i second fate/stay night and utawarerumono, they are one of my favorite animes out of like 200. Kenshin is also a very good anime, but it's long (like 70+ episodes) and the ones i downloaded have pretty poor quality. Story line is nice with samurai as the protagonist.

Korean_boi 2007-06-13 22:22

samurai 7

robots are involved, but they're called bandits or nobuseri

whichever, they dont make a big deal out of the robot thing though

mostly old age... in the future!

i dunno :P give it a try!

capture 2007-06-13 22:29

I f you're watching Kenshin the OVA must definitely try specifically the OVA1 called Trust and Betrayal is definitely a gem....

Samurai Champloo is also a good bet
Gungrave is also a good one...

and I third Fate Stay/Night :heh:

Bankai29 2007-06-23 11:22

Fate/Stay Night FTW!!!:p

Well, I suggest Shura no Toki.

KholdStare 2007-06-23 13:14

Rurouni Kenshin is really good. In fact, it's excellent if you stop watching at episode 63. Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal is sort of a prequel to Rurouni Kenshin but I recommend you watching it after you watch Rurouni Kenshin. I'm not sure if you want just action or a little bit more of other things also, but Samurai Champloo and Chrono Crusade is pretty good.

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