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Pellissier 2007-06-19 13:44

Death Note - Episode 36 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Death Note, Episode 36.

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Maes Hughes 2007-06-19 14:44

I had a bizarre dream about it last night, mainly about Light and Near fighting on flying glass. You know you love something when you start having random (and crazy) dreams about it.

I don't want it to end, we most likely aren't going to be seeing anything on the same level for a loooong time. These last 40 or so minutes are going to fly past real fast. :(

Stark 2007-06-19 15:03

Oh My Fucking God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ban_Mido 2007-06-19 16:14

This episode was incredible! One of the best episode of Death Note, so far.

Light is a god!

Spoiler for Episode 36:

Dagger 2007-06-19 17:06

SO EPIC I CAN'T TAKE IT. *combusts*

Deathkillz 2007-06-19 17:52

oh hell spazms! @_@

Maes Hughes 2007-06-19 17:54

Just in advance, please don't post spoilers without tags until you-know-who release the sub. :) The you-probably-don't-know-who sub quality is only good if you're desperate enough to throw away quality in order to watch it.

This episode must be very special to have received this reaction already. It almost makes me not want to see it, I'll be bloody depressed for the rest of the year if the last two episodes turn out to be that good! :P

FMA is the only anime coming to my mind that made me feel like this towards the end. There's certainly something completing an anime you've been following for many months gives you, something watching and finishing a series in one week doesn't give you.

pomps 2007-06-19 18:32

Voted 9 so the last episode would have a 10 :D. But ep36 was perfect.

kaoruky 2007-06-19 19:14

Death note is perfect, i'm so sad, just 1 to go ;_;

whatasob 2007-06-19 22:23

if light weren't so egotistic, think of the things he could do for humanity!

freaking awesome, near gets owned, predictably, but ... let's see how things play out :D

aardvark 2007-06-19 23:02

Holy shit! Amazing episode! One of the top 5 episodes for sure.

Suspense was through the roof, new music was fantastic too. Light's delivery and VAing in this episode were so awesome. Just the was trying so hard to contain his laughter and how his tone matched his "Just as planned" from episode...28 was it? Whoever cast Miyano as Light is a genius, he owned this role from start to finish.

37 can't come here soon enough.

Mez 2007-06-20 00:42

epic cliffhanger.

Pakxenon 2007-06-20 00:48

I would have been laughing in epicness if it were not that I was streaming this choppily (bad viewing experience). I could hear a new background track around the middle that I must get a better version of this episode to listen to.

9/10, simply because the last episode is going to be either a 1 or 10.


Epyon 2007-06-20 00:56

Spoiler for Next episode preview:

Awesome episode and I cant wait for the end.

TigerII 2007-06-20 01:10

Best episode. Period. Ever. Amazing. My god that was great.

Besides the last episode, it was getting a little stale for me, this episode was complete glory.

shakildwz 2007-06-20 02:09

Best episode ;X

Spoiler for Episode 36 Spoiler:

darlliu 2007-06-20 04:36

great episode, enough said.
Spoiler for no way:

Jaden 2007-06-20 05:16

Best episode ever!!! It had myself shaking and laughing like a psycho. So isnane, I love it.

Xosen 2007-06-20 08:10

What a hell of a cliffhanger!!! I was more and more nervous as the episode advanced, at the last moments I could feel my heart pounding hard! One more week untin we know how it ends! I can't hardly wait!

Maes Hughes 2007-06-20 08:31

Light's VA did a fucking awesome job.

Spoiler for 36:

Next episode is going to be bloody brilliant.

"Yes, I'm Kira!"

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