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Tiamat's Disciple 2007-06-25 05:28

Free hosting for any fansub group
I have an excess of hosting space and domain names on my hosting plan. So if any of the groups here are using the free board hosting, or dont have a forum and website yet, but want one, drop me a line and we'll talk it over.

What i can offer:

Free .com domain
Free Hosting
Free Invision Pro Board Forum
And, if you need it, i can help with a few bits of web design.

What do i ask in return?

Nothing. I got a huge upgrade recently on my hosting pack, which included a load of free extra domain, space and bandwidth. Rather than having them sitting around and not getting used, i figured i'd offer them up to the community ive used for several years :)

Drop me a PM letting me know what group your from, and where i can contact you (preferably through IRC)

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