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Sukato 2003-11-03 19:16

Spoiler tags/HTML
Just wanted to point out that these dont seem to work yet, though I know since the forum just went up a few hours ago that it will probably be a while before it does ;). However, incase you hadn't noticed yet, I just wanted to remind ya :).

GHDpro 2003-11-03 19:18

Correct, apart from the default bbcodes I haven't added
any custom bbcodes yet. That is something that IS high
on my "to fix" list though. But... it's getting late now, so
I may not get to it until tomorrow or so.

Lucier 2003-11-03 19:58

spoiler codes are awesome! =)

Lord Raiden 2003-11-04 00:12

Actually, GHDpro is awesome, but we'll leave it at that. :D

Keep working GHDpro, we love ya and we know you'll make this new BB even more kicka** than the last. :)

Rebochan 2003-11-04 01:33

That answers my question. I can live with marking them with big tags until the code is functional though.

GHDpro 2003-11-04 05:30

Testing 1-2-3:



Spoiler for test 3:

GHDpro 2003-11-04 08:03

I wasn't quite finished with it yet -- I also have work to do.
(real work, as in, my boss will complain if I just fiddle with my own sites all day)

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