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ChibiDusk 2004-01-16 14:06

Playing eps from Cd after burning...
I burn my eps to cd-r's and get no such errors.
But when I go to watch them on my computer fromthe CD at
parts with loud noises or a lot of movement, I get a metallic grinding noise in the audio and the video sometimes skips ahead one second or so.

hhaamu 2004-01-16 14:34

Can you use the verify function of your burning software to check that the files actually burned properly?

Is there a cache function in your media player? Try setting it to different values (8 mebibytes should be ok). Maybe the errors are caused by the slow read speed of the cd-rom drive?

ChibiDusk 2004-01-16 15:36

After your post I thought of something.
My cd-drive reads only 12x at highest.
When burning I set it to 12x speed but while burning the 'actual speed' toggled between 11x-13x
I now think the parts where it was at 13x my cd-drive can't handle.

So, in the future I'll put it down to 8x speed and it should solve things!

GHDpro 2004-01-16 15:36

My habit is to put a SFV file of the files I'm burning on the CD:

Then, whenever you suspect the CD to be faulty, just double-click the
SFV file to have QuickSFV verify the files.

In the mean while, for CDs you already burned: can you test them
on another computer? If they work there, it's something on your PC
causing problems with playback, but not burning. If they show the
same symptons on the other computer, it's a problem caused during
burning probably.

Eventhough it is rare to have CD-R go bad, it's not impossible, as I've
found out myself (errors so bad you can see them with the naked eye).

Edit: No matter at which speed you burn, you should be able to
play files fine at 12x speed I think. How fast you burn has nothing to do
with how fast you can read the CD. It can on the other hand effect the
quality of the burning, so testing at the lowest speed your CD burner can
handle is still an option to see if it solves the problem.

ChibiDusk 2004-01-16 16:29

New discovery.
If I play the file directly off of the CD is
is as I described above. If I drag it off the cd and onto the deskyop and play it from there, it works fine.

durrem 2004-01-16 16:36

Oh, I was going to ask that... Ok, what operating system do you run? You may need to enable DMA for your CD drive. I know you need to do this on 98, but I think XP does it on its own.

For 98:
Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Device Manager
Open up the + next to CDROM, click on your cd drive once, then click properties at the bottom.
Click the Settings tab and make sure DMA is enabled.

ChibiDusk 2004-01-16 16:53

I have win2000pro

Nevion 2004-01-17 03:54

well 12x would be about 18000 KB/s max, but thats only for audio data (since I think thats what its mesured in), it could be massively lower (by variable rates) for other types of data, and even though most avi's are interleaved, it still has to seek back and forth a little to grab audio and video data chunks I think meaning it might be even slower since a cdroms seek time look to be around 90 ms... But then agian I don't have a 12x cdrom so I don't know if you can watch anime off it well or not, my bet would be you could. I'd be checking dma is working.
Go into device manager and see what it says for your current transfer mode etc.
look here if you need help on that:
this also has info on how to enable udma66 if by somehow you have it.

babbito2k 2004-01-17 05:43


Originally Posted by ChibiDusk
the video sometimes skips ahead one second or so.

I wish to address only this problem. There is a program that can help keep the audio and video in synch for multimedia playback. It's called ReClock 0.99k ( and I find it to be well worth having. It runs automatically when a multimedia file is played and requires no extra work or knowhow.

edit: I myself have been using the .sfv method for all my CD-ROM burns, it saves a lot of hair-pulling when I have some kind of problem with an old CD.

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