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Pellissier 2007-07-03 06:49

sola - Favorite Character(s) Poll
Welcome to the sola - Favorite Character Poll. The place where you'll be finally able to express your love for the characters of sola! :)

You can vote for multiple characters all at once in this poll. Your vote is final once you click on the "vote now" tab. You won't be able to comeback and vote a second time for another character. Choose wisely!

The poll is public which means the votes will be visible to everyone!

Thread Rules
  • No campaigning for votes.
    Do not uselessly bash characters or post something like "X is better than Y", "vote Z" and so on.
    Any post with "Vote forÖ/Do not vote for..." verbiage will be deleted. Discuss why you do or donít like characters without campaigning for votes.

  • Do not insult or harass other members for their choices.
    Please remember: this is for fun. Do not take it so seriously that you end up in an argument with another forum member because they express a fondness for a character you loathe. Discussion and good spirited banter is always welcome, but harassing people wonít be tolerated.

  • Have fun, but post intelligently.
    Itís great to have fun, but please try your best to add substance to what you post and make your thoughts interesting for the generation of fans that will follow after youíre long gone and on to watching some other series.

Areguzanda 2007-07-03 07:01

I got the first Vote!
and Matsuri got mine <3:D
Love her cute and fresh looks and her great and fun personality!
thats the kind of girlfiend I want!
(anyone like that out there call me ^^ )

arkxkra 2007-07-03 07:03

wow...i have vote for the matsuri,aono, mayuko and takeshi...
I vote for matsuri, aono, mayuko is because both of then are cute and other reason as well, just want to votet them.
vote for takeshi because he is a nice guy... ;)

DragoonKain3 2007-07-03 07:23

Aono - Would've ranked higher, but her psycho moments mysteriously disappeared near the end of the series without any explanation. Still, origami used as weapons kicked ass though.

Koyori - I would never have thought to have a loli in my top list, but her interactions with the other characters proved to be amusing and interesting enough.

Mayuko/Takeshi - If Yorito had only been as consistent as Takeshi, this show would've been a lot better for me. Of course, a lot of Takeshi's character is built upon his interactions with Mayuko (loli in a box lol), so she's up there too. And can't forget the fact that they're typical osana-najimi characters. ^_^

Mana - The world would be a much better place if we have a couple more people like Mana around. This is even more pronounced because the three main characters are selfish; it was probably only her who thought of everyone's happiness.

Mirrinus 2007-07-03 11:56

Takeshi and Mayuko. Because let's face it, if those two weren't in the show, I wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much.

I really admired Takeshi's devotion to Mayuko. He pretty much ran away from home at a young age to accompany Mayuko with the hopes of restoring her humanity. My admiration for him contrasts very sharply to Yorito, whom I loathe with fair intensity.

Of course, Mayuko's also up there on my list. She's actually one of the few people smart enough to realize that the death of a friend isn't a good price to pay for humanity. Matsuri still failed to recongize this at the end, which is why I'm still confused with Aono's 180 personality in episode 13. But unfortunately, both Mayuko and Takeshi had way too little screentime, which disappoints me greatly.

Also voted for Koyori, because she's just too cute. I love her adorably formal manner of speech, her love of origami, and her receiving of the Onee-san chop!

Mueti 2007-07-03 12:12

My votes go to Aono, Takeshi, Mana and...Sae!
Aono deserved hers with the ending, after she managed to (somehow) overcome her grief and start a new life. Takeshi was an admirable character throughout the whole series, as was Mana. The only thing I didn't especially like about her was the sky-obsession she obviously inherited from Yorito (who doesn't have 0 votes at this point for no reason :D ) in the end.
And Sae gets +1 because I'm one of the few who loved all of her short appearances...most probably she won't get any other votes anyway. :heh:

Sorrow-K 2007-07-03 20:15

For me, anyone but Yorito.

I voted Mana, and that was it. She was head and shoulders above the other characters in my eyes, since she was strong, capable and likable, yet surrounded by a very weak cast (particularly the main characters). I also did like a lot of the other side characters though, from Koyori, to Takeshi and Mayuko, but I'm not willing to call them "favourites". I ended up being indifferent to Aono (though the ended did lift her slightly in my eyes), was bored by Matsuri and really couldn't see any good points in Yorito at all.

Cyz 2007-07-03 20:25

Let's see....

1.) Matsuri - she's always been my number one fave sola character. I mean, her interactions with Yorito are really good (especially that date-like one)

2.) Koyori - well....yeah. Eventhough she doesn't have many screentimes, she's really cute and charming. Plus, Ai Shimizu's voicing makes her even more lovable.

3.) Aono - gloomy..check! determination...check! troubled past..check!

4.) Mayuko - her story is really heart breaking.

5.) Mana - no comment

serenade_beta 2007-07-04 01:32

Go minor characters! Too bad they had no time to shine... Well, Sae got some time.

DragoonKain3 2007-07-04 08:09

What's REALLY funny is that so far, Yorito is rock bottom in the polls, even under these 'minor' characters. ^^;

PLZ no one vote for Yorito; he deserves no more.

Skyfall 2007-07-04 09:16

Matsuri - easily my favorite Sola character. My liking towards Sola as a whole during the early stages can easily be attributed to her. Her interactions with Yorito made me like her even more. Never thought a character can be so teasingly playful yet unbelievably cute at the same time. Granted, i did like the early stage "my pace" Matsuri over the angsty and somewhat suicidal Matsuri in the end, but she easily remains as my favorite Sola character.

Mana - The friend you would kill to have. Despite the fact that her character development and background amount to a grand total of zero she is very likable and easy to sympathize with. Though her feeling towards Yorito remain under a question mark for the better part of the series, i guess it is safe to say she liked(loved?) him. The fact that she tried to push Matsuri and Yorito together despite this makes her gain even more points.

- loved her interactions with Takeshi. A tragic yet amusing character with poor fashion sense. Whats not to like ? :heh:

Thats about it for my favorite list.

Kouvley 2007-07-04 09:27

Whaaaat?! No votes for our main character Yorito? Not even sympathy votes? :p

I voted for Mana. Best character by far for me.

Edit: 1 vote for Yorito almost as soon as I posted. :heh:

-Breakthrough- 2007-07-04 09:32

My Votes~

Matsuri~ I pretty much loved Matsuri's character through the whole series, just loved it. The same with how she went with her decisions and her "Fun" taste for food and drinks, lol. And her personality is fun ^^

Aono~ Her character was truly great to the end, one of the best characters here in this series.

Yorito~ Well, he was better than any other bland male lead. At least he was willing to make sacrifices for Aono and Matsuri's sakes. :p

Mayuko~ Loved her development with Takeshi through the whole series, and yeah, "The Kids Meal does fit her." as he says, ahahaha~

Mitsu Aoi 2007-07-04 10:42

My one and only vote Aono I like her and she has a lot of good points

Ascaloth 2007-07-04 10:43

For me, I had fully expected to put down Matsuri, when this thread comes around. But after Nomad screwed around with the three leads, my opinion has changed....

Now, I've voted the Ishizuki sisters, and Takeshi. The former pair because they were the most consistent of the Sola cast and ultimately easier to love, and the latter for his badass+Yuuichi winning combination. :D

octoberasian 2007-07-04 13:47

When I started the anime, during the first half it was Matsuri as my favorite. But, towards the end it changed. It eventually came to be Aono, first, then Mana, then Matsuri, and maybe I'm the odd one out, but Sae last.

Why Aono? As I have said in the EP.13 thread, I came to the conclusion that after seeing what she went through and what she has become and why, made her more of the protagonist of the story than Matsuri. She didn't want to be a sacrifice and she didn't want to lose Yorito. Because of feelings of regret and loss for someone she cared so much about and loved, her world turned upside down because of Matsuri. In the end, she became a better person, and a changed person. She seems happier now, especially beginning a new friendship with Mana and Koyori. Da capo, right? (From the beginning...) She had start all over again and find real happiness.

For Mana being second, she was the strong supporting character in this series. Mana was always there for Yorito, worrying about him, and eventually lost her memories of him, of someone she really cared about and liked. For Matsuri, she was probably more selfish than Aono having revived her, but in the end, sacrificed herself to change Aono back to a human. It felt more like she regretted turning her into a Yaka, and decided to correct for past mistakes as one last thing she could do.

As for Sae, it is for her quiet and subdued humor. Hearing her talk just, somehow, made me smile. She had more action than the other two classmates of Mana. And, Sae with her silly fascination with "goatee" man, er... Takeshi, and her random blurbs throughout the series.

FlareKnight 2007-07-04 22:30

Well now that the series has finished its interesting to look back at who ended up my favourite characters. But I think in the end I ended up with a top 3 of Aono, Koyori, and Mayuko. With good honorable mentions to Takeshi and Mana.

Aono- It's pretty simple because of all she went through from that early human life up until her new human one. Dealing with a terrible loss, killing herself, and being alive once again. Really sad what she went through, but I'm glad how things turned out and the person she eventually was able to become.

Koyori- Loved this character. She was just a really funny person and a nice character to see. Dealing with hand chops to the head. Also being an important character for Aono in the series.

Mayuko- Excellent character with a terrible fashion sense. Really great attitude to watch and a character who went through a lot that I liked through the entirety.

Chewy 2007-07-04 23:39

Haha I'm surprised Paper Yorito only has 1 vote so far..

.. and he ain't getting any from me, cause my votes go to the yaka trio

Tatiana Razajev 2007-07-05 00:34

With ten characters to choose from I decided to limit myself to five votes. In short vote for the better half. The characters I voted for being the following.

Ishizuki Koyori: Her relationship with Aono is very sweet. She's also rather cute and so yeah she deserves a spot. Now if only she could learn stop saying Mana-san.

Ishizuki Mana: It was nice how she tried her best to help out Yorito. Plus unlike some characters in her position she wasn't completely oblivious to everything going around her.

Kamikawa Mayuko: She has awesome outfits. Her back story is nice and well she's kind of pretty for her age anyway.

Shihou Matsuri: Her voice is sweet. I like her personality and some of her actions near the end cause me to give her high marks. She's just great all around.

Morimiya Aono: At first I found her boring. Then I became angry with her which in a sense was an improvement. However as the show progressed I started wanted the best for her. In essence she has the most impact on me. If I had to be forced to vote for only one character it would be her. She's become my favorite.

nanafan 2007-07-07 15:27

i like matsuri the best. i think she was funny and she's got mad fighting skills. aono eh, she's okay, but pretty selfish in my opinion.
Spoiler for yorito:
when she fought with the paper that was cool too. mana, she was cool she cared a lot about yorito, she was an awesome friend, accepted almost everything even if it didn't make sense. forgot about takeshi, he was awesome, in the beginning i didn't like him, but he cared for mayuka no matter what. he was a sweetheart.

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