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Kitsune-bi 2004-01-17 00:11

Hinata Kiba Shino and Kurenai
Work in progress I started while waiting for 66 - 67 to finish downloading. Started as just Hinata but grew to include the rest of her team. (was a long download :sad: ) Just pencils for now and kinda messy.

Cleaned it up lots and inked it today. Now if I could just get my lazy but to color it :eyespin: My download took a couple hours but I ended up liking this sketch so worked more on it.

Raxial 2004-01-17 00:20

wahoooooow! Jeeese, that is nice! How long was that download?!

I'd like to see more of your stuff when you draw it. Very nice.

Tzurial 2004-01-17 00:21

wow thats awesome!! the composition is great and I love the scroll

Caliban 2004-01-17 01:19

Incredible, that is one of the best "Naruto" fanart I have ever seen(and I check everyday)!

guynextdoor 2004-01-17 02:25

very nice stuff :D

Tboz 2004-01-17 02:49

Cool... think it will look good as a poster. :D

Genesis 2004-01-17 03:54

Very nice I like the Kiba especially. No just show us you're colouring skillz :D

fenrihr 2004-01-17 08:38

looks real good

OFFSPRiNGCo16 2004-01-17 10:00

Wow, thats really great. I would love to see some more of your stuff, it is really good.

sh1n0b1 2004-01-17 11:31

yeah! that is nice! the jounin lks a little younger to me ................but what do i noe anyway..yea id definately like to see it coloured

Tboz 2004-01-17 13:36

On second look, Kiba's face is abit large for his head and it gives me the impression that you missed drawing the back of his head. :)

Chibi Dude 2004-01-17 19:26

Wow that's awsome their my favourite team. and my favourite chracter is Shino and I think you drew him really and the bugs are really cool

juri_miki 2004-01-17 20:54

That's really cool, though I prefer the penciled one. It has more life to it.

Marshall Banana 2004-01-17 23:37

well if you want more action in can do that during the coloring...and also you can add a background later on.

Very very nice work...excellent komposition.

sopel 2004-01-18 00:34

Yep I agree very nice keep it up, show more plz ^^

zillford 2004-01-18 20:22

what tools did you use to ink?

looks like inking pens from here... but I'm always interested in what people use to get a nice clean ink

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