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suske 2007-07-03 21:37

need paintshop/gimp/photoshop help!!
we are in the process of having t-shirts made for our pc gaming guild. however i cannot get our symbol to scale up to fill a tshirt right. it gets all blurry. if some one could tell me how or perhaps let me send them the file to do it for me i would be very grateful! we'll give you one of the shirts if you like! thanks for any help!:)

Sephi 2007-07-04 05:30

You need a vector of the t-shirt logo if you want to up scale the size without it getting blurred.

Depending on how the logo look it might be a lot of work. Unless it's fairly simple. Could you post the look of the logo?

I'm not taking the request. I'm just curious how the logo looks. If it's simple i might give it a try.

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