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Lucier 2004-01-17 13:03

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
Ep1 aired! =D

Personally, I loved it... ^_^
What do other's think?

Hopefully a subbed version will be out soon so non-japanese speaking ppl can enjoy it too =)

here's some screenshots:

(I tried to pick with no spoilers first one's from the intro)

(edit: added some pictures)

brightman 2004-01-17 13:19

I've only seen its website, but the large female cast makes it look like just about every other new anime this month... :heh: And I have no idea what its about... So what IS it about?

Lucier 2004-01-17 13:36


wao 2004-01-17 19:42

Comparing it to KGNE eh.... looks like if it gets subbed I'm going on another urban-life-messed-up-story ride. :D

Lucier 2004-01-17 21:20

well, it's not a drama like KGNE >.>
I was just comparing that it to kgne because it's really harsh to some of the characters...
it's that 'emotial' aspect... where you get tied to the character that I really enjoy =D

SwiftStar 2004-01-18 19:20

Does anyone have a link. I cant seem to find one so could some kind soul post it, unless of course it's licensed then nevermind.

wao 2004-01-19 06:51

I think it's not been subbed yet. A raw may be found on ... or somewhere like that. You got to look back a few days.

Lucier 2004-01-19 10:44

I'll post up some pictures from it so people can see =D
(adding them to my first post)

The subs are from my translation, which should be out tommarow =)

*Encourages everyone to go watch!

EmptySoul 2004-01-19 11:59

Hmm... That looks like a really nice series, dame. >_< How is it that I didnt even know we were doing it lol. Oh well. It looks really nice, I'll be downloading it as well. ^_^ I hope it's as good as kgne. I trust your judgement. Nice screenshots btw.

daemoness 2004-01-19 16:04

This one looks good, and yay to Lunar for having such good taste, I seem to like all the shows you sub. :)

brightman 2004-01-20 00:57

Hmm... The character designs is by Kazunori Iwakura who also did JCStaff's other anime (Ai Yori Aoshi, Gunparade March), but it looks quite different... It's supposed to be based on Satoshi Shiki's original designs (he did the mangas Riot and Kamikaze)... It definitely looks interesting.

Danny Boy 2004-01-20 03:20

Aha, so this is the 2nd top secret series. I've just started downloading it.

footy 2004-01-20 03:35

So far it looks pretty good, though now I can't wait for the next episode. I like the character designs; they're unique while still looking sharp. J.C. Staff has been really busy this anime season, but it's good to see that animation quality is high on all of their series. Catchy opening song, interesting story elements unfolding, attractive women, lots to like with this show. :)

Official site:

Lucier 2004-01-20 04:12

Ep 1's out now =)

Grab it in our chan (#lunaranime @
scarywater's currently down, so no BT till they recover.

brightman 2004-01-20 10:04

Heh, Ep 1 was certainly great... You can't have a longer day than what Maia had... :heh: The ending just caps it off.

The costumes though can't get any smaller, can they?

EmptySoul 2004-01-20 10:09

Hmm... I'll have to watch this. It looks very interesting. I hope it's good. *will post after watching and say what he thinks* ^_^

Leo_Otaku 2004-01-20 10:22

Do they all wear skimmy outfits like the website or is it like an anime for males ^-^" and what genre is it, like is is action and so on.

EmptySoul 2004-01-20 10:26


Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku
Do they all wear skimmy outfits like the website or is it like an anime for males ^-^" and what genre is it, like is is action and so on.

From those outfits in the screenshots above it doesnt look ecchi to me. Just looks normal... almost looks like another schoolgirl anime to me. I'm not sure yet though.

brightman 2004-01-20 10:27


Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku
Do they all wear skimmy outfits like the website or is it like an anime for males ^-^" and what genre is it, like is is action and so on.

From what I see it'll probably develop into an action anime. And yes the people wear EXTREMELY skimpy outfits (their lower pieces literally just "hangs on"... Or maybe they were painted on... I honestly can't tell :heh: )

But neverthless, if Ep 1 is any indication, this production staff can definitely put out a good show...

wao 2004-01-20 10:40

Seems to be interesting - nice way of cliffhanging the episode really. Of course we know Maia won't die but... it's very interesting. I feel quite sorry for Maia really... there must be some kind of conspiracy behind her not being able to get in...

The character designs are pretty good - the animation's nice, bg's nice, effects are nice (the underwater part was beautiful.).

Only thing I have is that... damn, they didn't have to make those suits SO skimpy.... it's almost pr0nographic. >_>;;;;;;;;;

Thanks for subbing it, Lunar. It's a good job, and the karaoke is just the way I like it - simple and uncluttered.

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