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kj1980 2007-07-10 13:52

Higurashi Kai (2nd season) Character Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the character discussion and favorite character poll for Higurashi Kai (2nd season). If you want to discuss about the portrayal of characters and your favorite characters based on your impressions on the first season, please refer to the re-opened Higurashi (1st season) Character Discussion / Poll.

I have selected the seven major characters from the second season for the polls. However, you are free to discuss any other characters as well. Remember, please don't just blot "XXX is my favorite character" without giving an acceptable reason.

Should you feel the urge to blurt something that hasn't been aired in the anime yet, remember the golden rule: spoiler tags are your friends

Spoiler tag examples
[spoiler]Text to be hidden[/spoiler] becomes

Spoiler for Why I chose Hanyuu:

kenjiharima 2007-07-10 14:53

Just finished watching the dvd versions of Hagurishi 1st season and I have to say...ohhh GOD the blood and gore. LOL :heh:

Well orignally my favorite and still up to now is Rikka, but due to Shion's great character (MAN DID I REALLY SAID THAT?!! After she killed lotsa people? O_o) development, I kinda liked her better than Rikka. Another reason is that Rikka is too loli for me Iam gonna go with Shion since she's a bit more womanly :P
Especially now that with her new character designs and images with the 5 original characters makes her a great addition, not just a plot character behind her sister.

I love horror/suspense/thriller/gory/mystery movies and Hagurishi is one of best anime that gave that feel.

MrZombie 2007-07-10 19:27

I voted (and so far am the only one to vote for) Satoko. At first she seemed to be nothing more than a little brat, but as the series went on I was quite amazed at just how much she's had to deal with in such a short while. I managed to empathize with her plight and began to see the hidden side she had.

Miko Miko 2007-07-11 14:16

Rika of course :D ;)
She is so cute and i really want to see what all her mystery is about.

White Manju Bun 2007-07-11 16:20

Man I always have a prob with these threads....I love Rika since she's so freaking cute and Rena scares the crap outta me and I love it!! So hard to choose! So in the end I choose Rena again...anyone want some rice balls :heh:

Katsu Koneko 2007-07-11 17:29

Same here with the problem with these threads part. XD Well I still love Keiichi-kun since he's really awesome and he's played by one of my favorite seiyuus. XD Next is Rika, she's just reallly cute and I love her dark side.

I ended up choosing Keii-chan again so um yeah. Go Keii-chan!

Garet Linegod 2007-07-11 22:09

Find it a bit strange that this thread is created when only one episode of Kai has been aired and really only 1 of the 7 characters on the poll made a proper appearance. :heh:

Anyway, both Rika and Keiichi scored alot of points for me in the answer chapters of Higurashi, but I still voted for Rena in the end. :p I just love how she's different from all the conventional cute characters - she has all the cute elements, and yet she can be sharp and motivated when she needs to be. Oh, and she just blows me away when she's in her white dress and cap. I don't really know why, it just works for me. ;) レナレナ万歳!

Top three (or four?) favourite characters in my book after Higurashi Kai the game (probably will remain the same after the anime too):

1. Rena (Go Go Rena! You'll always rule Higurashi! ;) )
2. Rika and Keiichi (they're both very cool, I couldn't decide who's better)
3. Hanyuu (just for her uber moeness)

p.s. Mion only has 1 vote? What happened to all her supporters in the first series?

MrZombie 2007-07-11 23:18

I was converted.

Akabane_Kun 2007-07-12 06:06

Totally rika cuz of her kawaiines i still remenber that scene in himatsubushi-hen when mamoru first met rika and she does all that cute sounds and movements god i love that scene:D,hope i see more like that.

Kazuki_Kun 2007-07-12 10:37

Where's the Shion love? ;_; she is like the best character ever. D<

Davidj 2007-07-12 11:25


Originally Posted by Garet Linegod (Post 1038183)

p.s. Mion only has 1 vote? What happened to all her supporters in the first series?

I suspect in this series Mion will be much less important than she was in the first.

Ice Climbers 2007-07-12 12:19

Rika and Satoko for me!!! Lolis for the win lol

At first I only liked Rika but now seeing Satoko's other side made me like her more lol

Mystearika 2007-07-13 10:22

rika for me :) i lilke her more dark and mysteious side, and when she is normal is she to cute

satoko ,mion an keiichi is also some of my favs

by the way i am new here

hirahira 2007-07-13 13:33

Rika is still the best. All the others are too crazy lol

MrZombie 2007-07-13 15:23

Uh...Rika's not crazy? Living your life over and over again, watching your friends kill each other over and over again, some how doesn't effect your sanity?

Miko Miko 2007-07-14 11:10


Originally Posted by MrZombie;
Uh...Rika's not crazy? Living your life over and over again, watching your friends kill each other over and over again, some how doesn't effect your sanity?

lol i know it would mine. ;)

FlareKnight 2007-07-14 18:11

Agree that I find this kind of poll usually difficult. Not sure who I'll put my vote in this moment (whenever I do, it seems I regret the decision for acting too quickly).

Right now I'd put Rika and Keiichi at the top with Rika holding the top spot. She's just a great character on so many levels. Of course extremely cute in how she behaves you can't help but like her. But also you've got this tragic heroine kind of feeling with her living through so many situations and being killed so many times. Seeing your friends go into madness and do horrible things. I feel incredibly bad for her and am impressed by her ability to keep moving forward.

From the arc last season especially I gained a lot of respect for Keiichi. Most of the time he really cares about his friends and will go really far for their sake (like with Satoko). While he's far from perfect I do like the qualities he has and the effort he put forward after creating that miracle to remember the horrible thing he did.

So not sure right now where I'll vote. But if I was forced it'd probably be Rika.

Shadow Miko 2007-07-14 18:44

I'm going with KJ on this one.

Spoiler for Hanyuu:

starry_sky45 2007-07-17 02:56

Rena for me:love::love:

Cheezy 2007-07-17 14:23

Argh! Why didn't you do so you can vote for more than one character!

I love them all, but i guess i'll vote Rena. She's so adorable ^^

In 2nd place i'll just place Shion, Rika and Keiichi, but ofcourse the others are awesome too.

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