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Beyonder24 2004-01-17 15:45

a small but nice site suggestion
i think it would be nice to set with a cookie what time zone we would like to view the site in, if not then use the server default. i know there are mirrors out there with differnt timezones, but with this then you could just use whatever mirror is fastest.

is this feasible or useful?

(and btw i really love the scripting of this site, as a fellow webprogramer or atleast a wannabe one, i think its kickass)

boneyjellyfish 2004-01-17 16:27

If you're talking about the forums, then this feature is already in.

NightWish 2004-01-17 16:51

I think he means the main page.

The only problem with cookies is that the site is not "live". It is updated in the background and "published" each time the mirror is updated. You are, in effect, seeing a cached copy of the page. This reduces the server load, but means you can't used things like cookies to update what the page shows. See this thread for GHDpro's comment on the subject.

Beyonder24 2004-01-17 19:19

yeah this could be done with javascript too but i can see why you wouldnt want to have too much of that on the site

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