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Kyoji 2004-01-17 21:23

short mecha anime?
hey, i was wondering if someone could recommend a short (maybe an OVA?) mecha series that has elements of comedy :D

as i just cant think of anything to watch :heh:

ElvenPath 2004-01-17 21:42

- Macross plus
- Gunbuster

boneyjellyfish 2004-01-17 22:13

Hmm... a short mecha series, you say? With lots of comedy? Hmm...

How long can you go? Gundam 08th MS Team is a fantastic mecha series with a few elements of comedy, but it's 13 episodes long.

Gundam 0080 is a 5-episode OVA series, but it doesn't really have a whole lot of comedy elements in it :(

You could also check out Giant Robo, clocking in at 7 OVA episodes.

I wish I could help you more, but there aren't really a whole lot of short mecha series :(

Gaara11 2004-01-17 22:45


sopel 2004-01-18 00:24

Full Metal Panic Season 1, but thats licensed so...Um...Cough...I recommend to buy it^^

MuGeN_BoY 2004-01-18 06:32

*points to sig pic*

Gravion has 13eps

babbito2k 2004-01-18 08:22

Dual is only 14 eps. long and the comedy is certainly there.

Kyoji 2004-01-18 17:27

hey, thanks for all the replies

i'll be sure to check some of those out ^_______^

plasma|suguru 2004-01-19 04:05

project ako ... all of em =)
project ako is the consummate mech comedy.
then there is gall force which is not really as much comedy as mech legend adventure =)

both are a series of 4 movies and gall force has a few ovas that are just now comming out on dvd.

stormy001_M1A2 2004-01-19 05:51

Vandread Stage 1 and 2.

babbito2k 2004-01-20 03:39

Actually the shortest mecha would be Gundam SD

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