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Exanji 2004-01-18 00:42

:help: I don't know what to do :help:
well, i've been drawing for a good 2 years, completed almost every anime tutorial out there, and studied drawings from my shonen jumps for ages! please tell me waht to do, i still draw like i'm at about 6 months!

zillford 2004-01-18 22:26

hmm... if you've been drawing for 2 years, then that's how good you're drawing... I don't know how you can say you're only drawing at a '6 month' level.

unless you mean you havn't improved for a year and a half...

as far as improving:

I HIGHLY sugguest figure drawing... if you have any sort of college in your area, they usually hold live modelling sessions that you can buy into for about 5 bucks for 3 hours. (it can vary)
if not that, then just ask your friends to sit for you.
draw their entire figure once with a 20 minute time limit
twice with a 10
maybe 5 times in 5
and try and do LOTS of 1 minute and 30 second sketches.
these will help you with composition and layout, as well as capturing the elusive 'art' side of art.

go to and look at the loomis books on anatomy, try using this to help you, as lots of anime has poor anatomy.

while it seems redundant, to be good you need to be able to 'draw what you see'

whether that thing is in front of you, or in your head.

referencing art IS a great thing to do too. try and copy (not trace) something PERFECTLY. if it's not exact, review why not. fix it.

draw ALOT. to get to any modicum of skill you need to invest the time. no one is BORN with art skill.

if you have any specific art questions, I can try and help you with those too...

Namiko 2004-01-19 16:44

umm...are you the same person as before? post some of your art so we can tell you what to fix. only thing we can do right now is be extremely vague and point you into the direction of vague tutorials.

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