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Ice Man 2004-01-18 19:46

gaara staring at a moon
im basically done.. dont feel like doing anything else

i call this one "gaara staring at a moon" pretty tipical name huh

s][x 2004-01-18 21:03

Great job looks like you used 3D imaging like 3DS max. Only thing is the moon looks a little streched.

Ice Man 2004-01-18 21:39

theyre models :D

and the moon is a background image

Ice Man 2004-01-19 01:59

did some more... *no i didnt make the stadium*

Quantsini 2004-01-19 02:38

lighting needs a great amount of work, and render in perspective view, so it gives more depth.

if you're using max 5, i suggest you use the GI light tracer. or if you are lazy, you can setup a light dome with a key light to simular global illumination. if you're using a 3rd party renderer for lazy people (like me) like brazil, or finalrender, use that. i have a great deal of experience with finalrender, if you need help, you can PM me. the models look cool though. ^_^

s][x 2004-01-19 02:41

I think lee needs more of a dome for a hair cut, you bake him look almost normal..... ther rest of him looks spot on though

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