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kj1980 2007-08-01 08:39

Higurashi Kai Episode 5 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai, Episode 5.

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Klashikari 2007-08-02 15:38

Well well... This episode is HUGE. i would suggest you to NOT watch the preview of episode 4 nor reading recklessly the usual summaries.

Spoiler for Part A:

Spoiler for PART B:
this episode DELIVERS... PERIOD...
Frankly, the first part was really the most heart wrenching moment of the anime ever (for the moment). Even tatarigoroshi and various moments of Meakashi are nothing to this.

The part B just finish the "game" off, with various plot twists. Many people who already played the PS2 games will see similarities with Tsukiotoshi-hen (especially this end...)

Worth a TEN, no question about this

LuckyCat 2007-08-02 16:07

Augh, poor Satoko. And Ooishi, I never know whether to root for the guy or hope he dies the way he bullies people around.

Can't wait for next week!

Exilon 2007-08-02 16:10


That's the only word I have for this episode.

I was surprised. This was the first time I watched Higurashi late at night with all lights off. I can say it was creepy. Satoko's legs were thin as heck again! :3


Either way, there is too much specualtion ocurring in my head at the moment to find a satisfactory answer for my own questions.


And, besides all that, there's still another thing that is getting onto my nerves:


LuckyCat 2007-08-02 16:20


Originally Posted by Exilon (Post 1074385)
I have yet only watched part A (will edit this post later when part b is fixed, as there seems some problem with the sound).

There's a full version posted on nicodouga if you want to see the second half with synched audio :D

Klashikari 2007-08-02 16:57

The Raw of episode 5 is up. (158M, rather light, but fast enough)

Exilon 2007-08-02 17:30

Yay! Now that I've seen klashi's summary for part B, I can roughly imagine what they're speaking about.


Ah, I'm so confused...
Ah, but next week minagoroshi-hen starts. Bad thing I won't be here to see it (I'll be on vacation).

I can't wait! ^^

Klashikari 2007-08-02 17:40


Originally Posted by Exilon (Post 1074489)
Yay! Now that I've seen klashi's summary for part B, I can roughly imagine what they're speaking about.


Ah, I'm so confused...
Ah, but next week minagoroshi-hen starts. Bad thing I won't be here to see it (I'll be on vacation).

I can't wait! ^^

Spoiler for episode 5, about Satoko and Rena:

Deathkillz 2007-08-02 18:07

zomg twists :eyespin:

sezen_atacan 2007-08-02 18:14

Spoiler for so does that mean:

Ishikawa Minoru 2007-08-02 18:25


aroduc 2007-08-02 18:34

Caps if you're impatient.


Originally Posted by sezen_atacan (Post 1074559)
Spoiler for so does that mean:


Klashikari 2007-08-02 19:03

Well, another blog entry for those who are too impatient :heh:
Episode 5: Summary, Screencaps and thoughts

currently uploading the pictures, should be done quickly ^^

EDIT : Summary completely done ! screencaps are scattering on the whole article ^^

@sezen : there isn't many thing to explore with yakusamashi-hen anyway, so i guess it will be kinda... dull to let another episode on this chapter.

FlareKnight 2007-08-02 19:18

Spoiler for Ep Thoughts:
Man a really tough episode no question about it. Lot of things happened and you can only watch and wish there was something you could do there. Guess now it's all to wait for the subs.

MarthX 2007-08-02 19:19

No episode 6 preview yet.

Akabane_Kun 2007-08-02 20:41

Havent seen the epi but from the pictures in animehistory i say,HOLY GOD theres ppl dead everywere damn jesus:eyespin:

kj1980 2007-08-02 21:27

Now this, is what I call Higurashi !!

Shion's Sanity 2007-08-03 01:46

Watching it now on crunchyroll. This episode resurfaces something I've been wondering for a while. If it can't be answered without a spoiler, please do not answer it at all.

Spoiler for My question:

kingsky123 2007-08-03 02:34

i regret rating 10 for the previous episodes cause this is the episode that truly deserve a maximum rating =/. wish they had an '11' or something.

well on a side note i don't really like what they done to Rika :( they made her like... not what i pictured her to be like. i mean come on... they made her so... different =/ ( well at least to me). and No i dont mean dark rika i mean they made dark rika different from the way i thought dark rika would be

Ice Climbers 2007-08-03 02:58

oh my goodness, this episode really deserves a 10 even before I watch it :heh: Already seen too many stuff that leads me to the conclusion, and I would definitely give this one a 10 no matter what :heh:

I mean, the title already suggests it but I'm still shocked, I guess that's why I'm still watching this series even though I hate horror series genearlly :heh:

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