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confidence 2004-01-19 00:46

Good Anime
whats a good comedy anime and action,try to list more than one cuz i might already have seen it or watching.
thank you

Prince of Chronics 2004-01-19 00:54

This belongs in the Suggestions board....

anyways... check out One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Chrno Crusade, HunterxHunter ...... those are the ones I can think of at the moment that fit your criteria...

xris 2004-01-19 04:46

Please learn to post in the correct forum. I don't want to keep moving your threads!

This thread clearly should have been posted in the Suggestions forums. Closing thread.

If you want to receive suggestions then make a thread in the appropriate forum. And I would suggest you provide more info than just asking for a good anime. You should list the sort of series you liked and those you do not, at least give the people a clue what sort of comedy / action you like. And a better subject line would help, something like Good Comedy / Action requests would be a start.

I was going to make some suggestions but I see Prince of Chronics has already suggested those series :)

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