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Pellissier 2007-08-04 11:39

Hayate no Gotoku - Speculation & Theories (for first time viewers)
This thread is aimed at first time viewers of Hayate no Gotoku and its purpose is to allow spoiler free speculation and theories to be aired. Having them in a central location may help focus the discussion instead of spreading speculation over the various episode discussion threads. If you are knowledgeable of the manga and wish to speculate or discuss theories, then please do not post in this thread (use the Hayate no Gotoku - Spoilers & Speculation (for experienced Combat Butlers only) thread) and do not give away any spoilers in this thread!

Acceptable post topics
Personal theories, speculation, guesses and such. No spoiler tags required.
Posting magazine previews (such as from Animage). Spoiler tags required.

Unacceptable post topics
Any form of spoiler from Hayate no Gotoku manga.
Any form of game spoilers.
Any form of spoilers from visual novels.

Please make sure you use spoiler tags when making posts concerning the second topic above! Also provide where the source of such speculation come from if at all possible (i.e. "Animeage") and identify any spoiler tags with the use of the subject title (see the paragraph below how to do this). Untagged spoilers are risking a ban for the poster as will any unacceptable speculation or facts from the Hayate no Gotoku manga.

Please use the Report button if you see any unmarked spoilers. Please be aware that reporting someone doesn't mean that they will be banned instantly. It's only if they repeatedly ignore such reminders several times will they then be banned. Use of the Report button is anonymous and it helps the Mods locate and deal with such problems in the fastest possible way.

If you don't know how to use a spoiler tag, please read the BB Code FAQ, or simply click on this icon which can be found in the Quick Reply or Reply to Thread template. When you do this make sure you include a title for the spoiler tag. Lacking a spoiler tag or a useful title can lead to a ban.

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