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miroku2192 2007-08-06 07:40

Cannot upload on azureus?!????!
For some reason...i've not been able to upload the torrents i've downloaded meaning...people can't seem to download from me after i finish the download. For example...when i was downloading Claymore 18, it would upload a little as it's downloading...but once it's won't connect to ANY peers AT ALL, and it won't upload, thus causing my share ratio to drop like crazy:frustrated:.

i really don't know what to do :(...i've looked around the forums and haven't found a thread like this...):confused::confused::confused::confused::c onfused::confused:

miroku2192 2007-08-06 10:51

when i say upload i mean i can't seed

TakutoKun 2007-08-06 19:36

Are you behind a router? If you are, your port re-direction mapping might be going to the wrong computer causing you to be unable to upload or, even, connect at decent speeds.

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