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<xellos> 2004-01-19 06:46

The Slayers [Discussion]
now so far ive heard of 3 series and 5 movies, what is the exact order of them? do the movies come in the middle of the series' or do they movies have nothing to do with the series?

i just need to know so i know what order to buy them in

thanks in advance :)

Sesshoumaru 2004-01-19 06:49

There are at least one OVA too. I'm not sure about that or the movies but the series comes in the order: "The Slayers", "Slayers NEXT" and lastly "Slayers TRY".

<xellos> 2004-01-19 08:55

thank you, now i just need to know where th emovies come in

Cruzz 2004-01-19 09:20

Mmm, lessee now...

Gourry, Zelgadis etc. saga:
Slayers Next
Slayers Try
Slayers Premium (OVA, not sure if it's at this spot in the timeline but it belongs to the saga anyway)

Lina and Naga saga:
Slayers: The Motion Picture (aka Slayers Perfect)
Slayers Return
Slayers Great
Slayers Gorgeous
Not sure where exactly these two OVAs belong but they're a part of the Naga saga:
Slayers Special (the book of spells)
Slayers Excellent

pezzed3 2004-01-19 18:55

I thought the movies took place before the series... or were they just made before the series, but happen after the series time wise?

a_nevels666 2004-01-19 20:06

Just watch the series first in this order:
Slayers (26 episodes)
Slayers Next (26 episodes)
Slayers Try (26 episodes)

After that it doesn't really matter how you watch the movies/ovas since they're all indepedant side-stories. (I think some of them happen before the series, and some after. Kind of hard to tell, and I don't think it matters very much either because they can all be watched indepently.)

Cruzz 2004-01-20 05:37


Originally Posted by pezzed3
I thought the movies took place before the series... or were they just made before the series, but happen after the series time wise?

As far as I remember the movies do take place before the series but I still think it's better to start with the series. Your choice though.

Cuckooguy 2004-01-20 06:55

The movies and OVAs can be pretty much seen in any order, So you can watch the movies first (1-Slayers Perfect, 2-Slayers Return, 3-Slayers Great, 4-Slayers Gorgeous) or watch the OVAs first (1-Slayers Special, 2-Slayers Excellent) and it'll all be good. The numbers indicate which movie/OVA came first (I'd suggest watching the OVAs first, and then watch the movies, since how Lina first met Naga is covered in Slayers Excellent).

After those movies, Slayers takes place, then Slayers Next. Betweeen Slayers Next and Slayers Try should be Slayers Premium (since one of the characters, Gourry, still seems to have a valuable possession in Slayers Premium, and something happens to that valuable possession at the end of Slayers Try).

Fronzel 2004-01-20 09:52

Whatever. It's not like Slayers is some grand epic masterpiece of storytelling. Watch the TV series in order and you're fine.

ChibiDusk 2004-01-20 12:26

You should watch the Lina and Naga series first because it detaisl thing that happened BEFORE Lina started travelling with Gourry.

Michael Hopcroft 2004-02-21 22:03

Slayers Movies
The later Slayers movies are starting to come out on DVD, the ones featuring Lina inverse's friendship/hatred/rivalry with Naga the White Serpent (aka "Naga the Fish-Bleep") and I'm find the ones I have so far quite enoyable.

Right now the only one in my permanent collection is Slayers Great, which is the one I most enjoyed in fansub. Sure enough, it was even mor eenjoyable in a professional subtiutling job. I haven't watched the dub yet -- I disinctly prefer Lisa Ortiz as Lina over the actress ADV Films chose and ahve held firm to thta preference.

I undersatand ADV plans to release all the films, including the short Slayers Premium (an utterly hilarioous misadventure with cursed octopi, confused speech and a big, nasty demon that I have nboi idea how is going to come across in a dub -- and am not sure i entirely wish to find out without Lisa, Eric, Crispin and Veronica in the cast).

I still have a distinct preference, as far as storyline, for the TV series, and am a firm believer that eventually Lina and Gourry will break out of their denial and get married and that Zelgadis will eventually realize he needs Amelia more than he needs a cure.

Fronzel 2004-02-22 03:09


Originally Posted by Michael Hopcroft a firm believer that eventually Lina and Gourry will break out of their denial and get married and that Zelgadis will eventually realize he needs Amelia more than he needs a cure.

Sap. :p

I almost think of the Slayers series and films as entirely different entities. The tone and characterizations and er, animation quality is so different. It may also be because I listened to the dub and Cythia Martinez indeed sounds quite a bit different from Lisa Ortiz. I thought she did a pretty good job, though, and I’ll listen to the dubs of the “new” films as I get a hold of them. :P

I am also a bit worried about Slayer Premium, though, given how many other characters are least Naga is always voiced by the same actress.

Lina 2004-02-22 05:28

I enjoy Lisa Oritz's voice acting as well. Cythia is close to the original Lina, sure, but I prefer Lisa's sassier voice to Cyth's shrill shrieks.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they are going to get any of the original voice actors from the Software Sculptor's dub at all. Well, according to this newgroup, anyway. Gourry has already been recasted. :(

I heard they tried to get Lisa for one of the movies already, but they didn't pay her as much as she wanted. :heh:

<xellos> 2004-04-05 06:10

Slayers, Next, Try, Question
ok, if im not mistaken the way the Dark lords and such work is kinda like this

Tier 1: Lord of Nightmares
Tier 2: Shabranigdo, Darkstar, ????, ????
Tier 3: Hellmaster Phibrizzo, Ma-Ryu Gaav, ????, ????
Tier 4: Specially treated monsters (Xellos)

and for the gods, was it like this (im pretty sure im wrong)

Tier 1: Cieiphid
Tier 2: Water Dragon King
Tier 3: Fire Dragon King
Tier 4: Gold Dragons
Tier 5: Black Dragons
Tier 6: Ancient Dragons(just cause they were all killed)

PLEASE correct me and fill in blanks......i just really need to know this cause im sure it isnt answered in the anime

dreamless 2004-04-05 08:45

I think it's like this:

Tier 0, for both Gods and Demons,
Lord of Nightmares, The Dark Golden Lord, Creator of the Four Worlds, Mother of All Creation.

Tier 1, God Kings and Demon Kings, each pair governs one of the four worlds created by LoN.
Gods : Ceiphied the Flare Dragon King (Slayer World). Volfeed. ???. ???
Demons : Shabranigdo the Ruby Eye (Slayer World). Dark Star. Chaotic Blue. Death Fog.

Tier 2, pieces of the God Kings and Demon Kings.
Gods : Dragon King of the Four Elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Sky), which are in fact pieces of Ceiphied
Demons : The seven pieces of Shabranigdo.

Tier 3,
Gods : Missing. (really really powerful dragons?)
Demons : The five Demon Lords, subordinates of Shabranigdo (Hellmaster, Great Beast, etc.)

Tier 4,
Gods : Missing. (powerful dragons?)
Demons : Priests and Generals of the five Demon Lords. Xellos.

Tier 5,
Gods : Dragons.
Demons : Demons.

Ancient Dragons is quite a peculiar case. Since they are dragons, they should be Gods. however they possess the power of both light and darkness, like humans (and LoN, of course), so I guess they are neither Gods nor Demons.

EV|RockLee 2004-11-05 20:00

Slayers Discussion
i did a search for it and there's no discussion topics! there is 2 topics with questions, but anyways....


sarcasteak 2004-11-05 20:07

GIGA SLAVE. Ah, crap, it's out of control~ :upset:

Fronzel 2004-11-05 20:14

Well, it's kinda old. I don't think anyone has much to say.

It's lots of fun. That's my bit.

Bronwen Stx 2004-11-06 00:21


Originally Posted by Fronzel
Well, it's kinda old. I don't think anyone has much to say.

It's lots of fun. That's my bit.

One of my favourite episodes was with that gay dragon...that cracked me up so much...*coughs*

Koboshi38 2004-11-06 22:03

personally I would just watch the series I didnt care for the movies Much. They were okay But nothing really all that funny or interesting. Plus I should Note i generally hate dubs But the Slayers t.v Series dubs are ones I actually enjoy they are dont quite well.

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