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jcdranzer 2007-08-08 07:31

Red Line (movie) (COOL Racing + Sci-fi)

Title: Red Line
Premier: 2007
Director: Takeshi Koike
Production: Madhouse Studios


Red Line is about the biggest racing game of the universe and it's only held once every 5 years. And naturally everyone wants to take part. Follow the racings skills of men and women alike.

(~taken from ANN~)

My Thoughts:

Well to put it simple the plot reminds me of F-Zero and those hilarious 80's films, The Cannonball Run films. :lol: Its actually quite exciting to be honest. :D :lol:

Red Line Trailer

manuloz 2008-03-30 11:37

New trailer from TAF :

7Th 2008-03-30 12:11

So this is still coming? Awesome!

MrProphet 2008-03-30 12:20

Takeshi Koike?

LOL. If it's anything like TRAVA, this should be hilarious.

Ryo.Massaki 2008-03-30 14:40

Wow! Great animation, cool looking character design (no standard style :)) lots of action. Sold!

And thank ou for mentioning Trava, i ve never heard of it, but i will get it soon.

Fatsobob 2008-03-31 20:26

I wish madhouse would just give us some more info on this movie, I really want to see it.

SneakerPimp 2009-05-01 04:56

Here's an amazing five minutes clip from the film.

Every five years, the toughest and most destructive underground car race in the universe, “REDLINE” draws the most elite drivers for a winner-takes-all asphalt battle! JP is a dare-devil reckless driver oblivious to speed limits with his ultra-customized wheels named “Transa Am.” One of his competitors, Sonosee is a hot girl determined to do whatever it takes to stand on the winner’s podium in the REDLINE. In order to win the finals, they’re up against the craziest drivers on the race scene with their deadly and awesome road-tearing vehicles. Moreover the biggest problem for JP is that he secretly is in love with Sonosee!

The only one rule in the race is there’re no rules. While cars crash and burn and the courses become a merciless hell, JP whips his ride into a dead heat!

Who will survive to win in this mass-destruction race?! And what about JP’s romance?

EDIT: Looks like Redline will be shown in France in June:
France's Annecy, the world's largest animation film festival, has announced on Wednesday that Takeshi Koike and Madhouse's Redline anime will compete in the Feature Film category of the June 8-13 event.

SneakerPimp 2010-07-14 01:43

And another trailer:

Mulciber 2010-07-17 06:51

Small clip of the song "Redline Day" by James Shimoji

brocko 2010-09-09 07:45

Redline is all sorts of kickass and fun. Nonstop high action, eye candy, makes this one of the most enjoyable anime films I've seen in recent memory. It really is a great treat on all of your senses :D

Saw this as part of Madman's ReelAnime 2010 anime film fesitival, happening in AUS and NZ from the 2nd to the 15th of Sept. Highly recommended that anyone able to go watch it, do so. For those unable to, definitely keep an eye on the lookout for Redline, this is something you don't want to miss. One of the funnest films I've seen in awhile :p

Lenneth4 2010-09-09 08:27

seems crazy like rebuild of evangelion 2.22 xd!

Kakkou 2010-09-09 08:45

Ah, Redline. I only bought the ticket for it because I wanted the Summer Wars poster they were giving out to those who watch all 5 Reel Anime films. I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyably fun it turned out to be. Had a great sense of style (the art may not have been my liking, but I admit it was very fitting and stylishly done) and fluid, crazy animation and direction. Simple and straight to the point storyline that does what it sets out to do and not try to be overambitious. Music was great too. There was one bit in the movie I disliked but overall a very good film and recommended for those who like high octane zany racing and would like to experience something out of the usual mainstream style of anime. I predict this would be very appealing to western audiences, even those who aren't into anime.

Grim_Reaper 2010-09-30 15:24

When will it be on dvd and bd? Any information?
BTW, 8 minutes from the movie:

alexwmd 2010-09-30 16:04


US/UK release most likely around May.

juna 2011-01-08 00:21

This movie seems to have no hype surrounding it and I can barely find anything about it. I can't believe it's been screened multiple times and there are no rips to be found. *sigh* I just want to see it T_T is there no Japanese DVD available either? This movie isn't that new correct? I'm excited to here about a state side launch in May 2011 though *^^*

brocko 2011-01-09 23:30

The movie is fairly recent, only having advanced or international film festival screenings throughout the final quarter of 2010 with the proper JP theatrical release being just in October.

There's small internet hype, most people who've seen the trailer seem genuinely interested but due to the limited screenings wordlwide most people won't be able to watch it or will have to be on a very keen lookout in the off-chance that it may pass by. However there apparently are plans for a nationwide screening in 2011 (presumably 'national' in the US me thinks), this along with the planned UK release should give people a means of seeing the movie and we'll probably see the films popularity sky-rocket by then.

waxy 2011-08-09 19:42

I believe Redline was just released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan today.

Allegedly with english subs included ;)

The UK release is more than a month away yet and the North American release even further off.

j0x 2011-08-12 17:06

finished watching it yesterday

it does not have a complex or engaging plot but the tremendous amount of eye candy artwork and animation on this are worth watching :)

Sourdough 2011-08-12 21:59

Goddamn, where are the BD rips?

-Sho- 2011-08-13 08:47

This is how you do a real animation , Takeshi Koike !!! Really the beginning till the end :O
Wish there were more stuffs like that. Hope it's not the last.
Well the plot isn't special but it was worth watching;

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