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jul10 2007-08-08 23:38

Junk Force
Junk Force

Genre: Mecha, action
Premier: ???
Official Website: Junk Force
Original Author: Kakinuma Hideki
Synopsis (from ANN):
After the last world war (2100-2104), the earth has become a desert place to live. Even more : the scarce resources left are destroyed by the ZPT system to clean the earth for the return of the Mars colonists. Louis (the only boy in the gang), Liza, Mill and Wooty, together with the Android Mamet, have accidentally found each other with the same target. They search for the source engine of the ZPT to destroy it and thus stop the useless destruction of the remaining cities and people on earth. In their journey, they have to fight mechanical devices, revolutionary armies and Martians to get to the core of the ZPT engine.

Manga Covers:

Please note that the manga itself, previously was licensed by ComicsOne, and now is transfered to DrMaster.

Characters (taken from Junk Force Official Website):

To me, Liza and Mill are the most interesting characters there. I like both of them... XD

The only problem is that there is still no release date as for when this anime will premier. I have been waiting for this anime for a lloonngg time..but until now I still didn't get any news about this anime release date. This anime might be looks a little bit childish, but the character designs and story are awesome. (although we can find this kind of story easily nowadays.. >o< ) Does anyone know more about this anime?

Shinji103 2007-08-09 06:41

Where's your confirmation that this series is in production? I saw back on an upcoming series website waaaaaay back when that an anime was in production, but the last I heard of it was that production was frozen, and that was several years ago. So where did you hear the series was back on?

jul10 2007-08-09 12:44

According to moonphase anime, this series still in the "project stage". They didn't listed it as frozen though... I am not sure whether there are any development on this series or not though.. but I wish yes... Also, the reason I created this topic so that if someone heard anything about this they can share the update here.. .>o<

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