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Raxial 2004-01-19 11:39

Got Lineart?
post some lineart if you have some, I'm gonna do my next coloring job in a slightly different style/technique, and I need something to color :(

I wish I could draw.... (I'm working on that)

Stickels 2004-01-19 15:22

try coloring that

Kitsune-bi 2004-01-19 17:28

Inked this to color recently. A task I dislike doing, myself. But you're welcome to try if you want. :)


Tritium 2004-01-19 17:32

OMG NO you need to learn for school, color, learn, color, learn AAARGH o.O;;

Raxial 2004-01-19 17:58

hmm, stickels, its a little messy to color. I could go back and clean it up, but I dont much feel like it.

Kitsune, I'd seen that before in other posts. Ill save it to my comp and see if I get time to color it. Looks like it's gonna be a challenge.

eabandit 2004-01-19 18:12

here's something simpler: :)

Kitsune-bi 2004-01-19 19:13

Looked around on my computer and found I still had some pre colored inked stuff laying around. Probably easier to color. Hope its helpful.

zillford 2004-01-19 20:25

well, like I said in my other post (Naruto - fan character art) feel free to color that one... then post the result if you do! :D

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