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arcadeplayer987 2007-08-10 15:46

Logitech G9
What do you think about the new mouse at first look

ZGMF-X10A 2007-08-10 17:36

If I didn't buy a G5 and G15 a month ago I would have bought the new G15 and G9 :(

Ending 2007-08-10 17:39

Still quite happy with my G5 + Revoltec Lightpad combo. The new model looks more like a gimmick, since it doesn't really offer anything new and the foam looks rather ugly.

Syaoran 2007-08-11 16:17

It's look a little uncomfortable to hold... I might be wrong.

Ledgem 2007-08-11 17:38

The software-side features sound nice, but Logitech currently only offers Setpoint for Windows (maybe Mac OS X now, too?). It's looks decent, but it's wired. After having gone wireless, I'd rather never go back.

Also, what's the deal with being able to set the laser refresh rates? I understand that higher is better if you're doing something like gaming, but why would you want to be able to set it? Will the laser burn out at the highest settings or something?

Potatochobit 2007-08-11 17:50

I wouldnt buy a corded mouse nowadays. I tend to use a laptop alot for various reasons and bringing a good USB cordless mouse with me is priority. Now if u dont have a laptop thats fine, but having 2 seperate expensive mouses would be a waste.

i do like most logitech stuff. its built tough, you get what you pay for, and you pay alot, usually. unless you are planning to enter the marble madness world championship you probably dont need that much precision.

TakutoKun 2007-08-11 19:53

I do not mind Logitech devices. I just, recently, purchased a Logitech MX400 Laser mouse. I must admit the framerate is much higher and more receptive over the regular optical mouse. I miss the red light though. :(

arcadeplayer987 2007-08-12 15:27


Originally Posted by Syaoran (Post 1090388)
It's look a little uncomfortable to hold... I might be wrong.

Yeah is not looking so good, G5 and G7 look better

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