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TinyRedLeaf 2007-08-14 08:24

Video & audio out-of-synch
I've been having problems watching AVI or MKV videos encoded in H264 format. The video and audio streams consistently run out of synch. I've read around for solutions, but it seems that it comes down to this: my PC might not be good enough to run this format. Can anyone confirm this for me please?

These are my PC's specs:
Pentium 4 CPU 3GHz

Video card:
WinFast A7600 GT (NVIDIA) 256MB DDR3

Operating system:
Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2

Installed codecs:
CCCP (22 Jul 2007 version)

If the above isn't good enough, then what do I need?

Mentar 2007-08-14 09:14

The ffdshow build isn't optimized for your P4. I recommend that you get and install CoreAVC, it should help you quite a bit.

With it, you should be able to watch any normal-resolution h264 release. It might be borderline for HD versions though.

TinyRedLeaf 2007-08-14 14:05

It cost me a little bit of money, but it worked (well, almost all the way -- it doesn't work perfectly for HD resolutions as you've mentioned). Thanks! :)

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