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KholdStare 2007-08-15 18:43

Putting subtitles to AVI files
If you have an avi file and an srt file, how do you combine them both to a single avi file? I've already tried VirtualDubMod but they only make mkv and ogm files, which works. SUPER just crashes. Are there any reliable programs out there that can do so?

In short, if it's more simple, how do you convert an MKV file with softsubs into AVI or make softsubs into hardsubs?

Ledgem 2007-08-16 03:37

You can't have an AVI with softsubs natively - you either need the subtitles separately with a player/filter that supports overlaying the subtitles, or you need some weird hacks to integrate the subtitles into the AVI file. The simpler solution, as you mentioned, is to turn the softsubs into hardsubs. That'll involve re-encoding the AVI file. Use the Gabest Text filter (might be called something similar, I can't remember the exact name), which should give you an option for what file to load. Encode the file as normal from there. This can be done in Virtualdub or Virtualdubmod.

CodeName MinusOne 2007-08-18 18:03

I'm not an expert. But I used Subtitle Workshop to create subtitles for a japanese song I like. I saved it as an .srt file with the same name as the video. And it plays automatically in MediaPlayerClassic.


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