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Breogan 2003-11-03 19:24

Some comments on the new boards
Great job so far, the forums look very good :)

I have a couple of comments:

The quick reply box: Wouldn't be quicker if you could directly type in the box instead of having to click a button in a message? (and use the button in the message to instantly move to the end of the page)

Specific anime forums: Could these forums be moved up again (putting them between Anime and BitTorrent sections like in the old board)?

Avatars: Unless I totally missed it, I can't see an option for custom avatars. Is this an oversight or people won't be able to use them?

So far that's all, lots of thanks for the effort and time you put into this! :)

GHDpro 2003-11-03 19:28

Quick reply:
That would break the threaded view. Now if you don't
care about threaded view, than thats ok -- what you
ask IS possible to do.

Specific anime forums:
To Be Determined

Custom avatars:
Er... They SHOULD be on. Anyone else having this problem?
I just checked again -- the settings are set to allow custom avatars.
So unless I missed something...

aiwa 2003-11-03 19:32

about the Custom Avatars, i believe you have to activate the account by e-mail before you can use custom avatars, not completely sure but it is worth a shot

Cz 2003-11-03 19:32

Custom avatars do work. I just uploaded mine since it wasn't there before August.

kazuma 2003-11-03 19:43

custom avatars works, mine was already there :)

VBB yay! i love it :love:

Breogan 2003-11-03 19:48

Custom avatars are showing now: it probably was what aiwa said.

Domo arigato :)

Lucier 2003-11-03 19:57

I also miss the quick reply feature =( (really! I always used it)

I don't really understand or even see this 'threaded view'...

but if I have scroll up and click on something to 'quick reply' it kinda defeats the purpose when I can just click the normal "post reply" button...

just my thoughts! ^^;

Hunter 2003-11-03 20:13

I have also a couple of comments:
-it's not possible to use more than 4 smiley and/or pics per post for the moment.
-could we see the people connected on the specific forum and not just only on the main page?

Xess 2003-11-03 20:14

Ahh, this vBulletin is pretty cool. A nice new change. However, is it me or does this board take longer to load? I like the tooltip popups when you mouseover a topic. It's nice to be able to read the first post without needing to click on it.

LynnieS 2003-11-03 20:30

A small request, but is there any way that the forum in which a thread resides can be placed back under its subject rather than in its own column that is 2 columns away?

IPv6 2003-11-03 22:17

I am just curious as to why you chose vb instead of ibf? ibf board has just been recently selected by amd along with other major website.

personally, i believe/feel that ibf has a much friendlier and administrative interface. beyond that, they have, which include a massive amount of hacks/scripts that can truely benefit animesuki.

anywho, it isn't my place to say except to ask why vb rather then ibf.

Timo 2003-11-04 00:45

I miss the "new posts" and "posts today" links.

Also about the post counter, why not just disable it in the threads, but keep it in the profile page?
Then it's no longer in plain sight, but it is still there.

I find it a useful tool to see if someone is spamming. (among other things)
With it out of sight, it will (hopefully) be less of a reason to spam.
Not that there is anything you can really do about spamming, except maybe a ban. :naughty:

No other comments at this time. ^_^
*looks at the time* ... 5:00 :heh: time for bed. =_=

Danny Boy 2003-11-04 00:49

Don't know much about IBF, but I think vBulletin is the premier Message Board software right now. Good choice, IMO.

Anyway, I wonder why the upload files feature of vB is not shown. Did you guys turn it off? I would've wanted to upload my desktop image and personal pic in their respective threads.

Cz 2003-11-04 00:53

Timo: "New posts" links are available. See the five icons to the right of "Welcome, nick. You last visited: Yesterday at 23:33" on the top? The second icons is for "new posts". :)

My comments:
1) The "remember username/password" checkbox below the login boxes is always checked. I like security so I always have to uncheck it. Can that default be changed?
2) Same as LynnieS's request.
3) Can signatures be shown one per page like before?

Forse 2003-11-04 06:09

Hehe...I am glad you changed to vBulletin. It loads now days fast (old one didn't, I don't know why). Only thing that I'd like to see is maybe userselectable skins. This skin is so boring :p It's really not important, but still is it would be nice ^^

[Titan] 2003-11-04 06:45

my small requests:
-Can default post per page be set to 20 like in the old forum?
-same as lwl12

other than that, great job on the conversion, I'm getting the "old" ASF feeling again ^^

Mb81 2003-11-04 06:50


Originally Posted by The Small One
Okay, my comments on the reformed Forum:

- It's nice to preread a Thread by hovering the mouse over the Link.
- A fresh database seems to work faster

- Well, I think the post count should be disabled, or the user-rating activated... reasons were discussed in the old forum.
- I'm a bit disappointed about the general ordering of the forums/subforums, I hoped it could be a little bit more clearly arranged this time.

It isn`t working just faster... our load times decrease from 18 down to 3-4 (from the same time, this board started). It shows again, VBB is the best Board around... the rest is now banned from the server forever (that week wasn`t good for my health..) ...

Mb81 2003-11-04 06:53


Originally Posted by Forse
Hehe...I am glad you changed to vBulletin. It loads now days fast (old one didn't, I don't know why). Only thing that I'd like to see is maybe userselectable skins. This skin is so boring :p It's really not important, but still is it would be nice ^^

I can answer that easily.. WBB is trash.. (the version which was used...)

Tboz 2003-11-04 07:05

hmm... I thought the old threads will be archived? Some of the threads were useful in helping me solve my Bt problems... :(

[Titan] 2003-11-04 07:12

One more request, the notification emails contain links like:
which directs to the latest post, my hotmail account however, really hates me for that, it always brings me to the last post on the first page for some reason. Could it be changed so it will point directly to the post the email was talking about?
If not, then I'll just have to live with it :)

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