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Tzurial 2004-01-19 19:45

I need an objective opinion
This is my sisters art. She wanted me to give her my opinion on it, but Im so used to her style I cant find anything wrong with it. So she wants complete strangers to tell her what they think! Please tell her what she can do better

(hes a horse man if youre wondering whats with the tail..I love)

zillford 2004-01-19 19:53

gee... I'm really liking what I'm seeing...

my only slight kaveat would be that the head is completely straight on, giving it a 'stiff' feeling. for a straight shot, the head is fine though.

I love the color scheme... maybe tighten up where the shading is going? give it some sharper contrast where folds are heavier...

dunno how exactly to explain:
when a object curves away from the light source, the contrast should be a gradual gradient (like this pic is, all airbrushy) but when a fold turns sharp, or when an object blocks the light, the shadow would be more sharp.

a great example of this is the artist Falcoon (google him) he uses mostly one tone cel shading, but he does a great job of cutting and airbrushing where applicable.

EDIT: pin up shots are easy, now get her to do some action and perspective shots! backgrounds too!

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