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Merco 2004-01-19 22:46

Iron Wok Jan
When I first saw this manga I brushed it aside... it's basically a manga about cooking.

Up until this afternoon I never thought a manga about cooking could be this entertaining...

The fact that the main character of the story is a cook who's borderline psychotic lol.

What do you guys think of it?

Deralti 2004-01-19 23:03

unless this is liscensed...would you care to post a link to an example? It seems most people don't know where you acquired such a manga ;).

AnimeFangirl 2004-01-19 23:09

I think it's licensed by Raijin Comics and published in their weekly collection. I heard my sister rave about it recently, so I've been thinking about trying it out. After all, Yakitate! Japan is fantastic and it's about bread-making. Bread, I tell you!

LynnieS 2004-01-19 23:11

Good manga with storylines that pulled me into the plot. Jan is a complete jerk, but is also a really talented chef; of course, his past wasn't all that nice to begin with. The art is generally nice - clean lines that also show the fast motions in Chinese cooking pretty well. The two girls in the story so far (read up to book 6) are cute, but the size of each one's bust is a bit much. :rolleyes:


Some character development, but the main part of the story is really the cooking. "Comic One", the company selling the English-translations in the U.S., seems to be a bit slow on getting their books out, though; either that, or their forecasting method needs to be reworked.

There's also another cooking manga titled, I think, "Addicted to Curry" that looked interesting also. It remains unlicensed as far as I know.

Merco 2004-01-20 00:11

Like the other guys said, it is indeed licensed...

But I found a good website where the front covers are shown...

AnimeFangirl 2004-01-20 01:03

I like Comics One, they also publish Mega Dragon & Tiger and Legendary Couple, which has the same story as Condor Hero. Ah, Tiger Yin :love:

LynnieS 2004-01-20 07:42


I like "Comics One" also, and not only because they're bringing over titles like "The Legendary Couple", "Iron Wok Jan", and "One". Quality-wise, their stuff is generally very good. The thing that I don't like about them is that their forecasting isn't too good; I think that I'll write a spider to crawl through and send me a reminder when the books arrive. The 3-/4-colored titles, I can understand... I'm guessing that they're either a small shop or a shop that's at the mercy of their printers?

Back to topic. Yes, I like "Iron Wok Jan". It's different from most of the other manga titles out there with its snobbish main character who believes in his invincibility as a chef and a support cast that's equally talented and not afraid to take him down a few notches. I'm really not sure if I should be cheering for him to win or for him to get his a** kicked harder! :)

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