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shimboismyhusband 2007-08-26 21:22

Your Top 10 anime?
Heyyo, once again, I'm expanding my anime horizons, looking for suggestions on what to watch, so based on your top 10, I will find out what they're about and hopefully watch them =]

KholdStare 2007-08-26 22:36

My top 10 is in my signature, but don't click on the links, because they contain videos that has spoilers.

shimboismyhusband 2007-08-26 22:54

I wanna see Elfen Lied, and I love Saikano!!!
It's my favorite ^^
Hey, sorry guys, I didn't see the Top 5 anime? Board.

devildog23 2007-08-27 10:32

Top 5
1) Neon Genesis Evangelion
2) School Rumble
3) Major
4) Full Metal Panic
5) Elfen Lied

Next 5 in no particular order
Great Teacher Onizuka, Fate/Stay Night, Welcome to the NHK, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Canvas 2: Niji iro no sukecchi

Sun Shine 2007-08-27 12:03

*Pokes self in eye* Theres "Your top 5 fave anime* just below this.

But for your sake.

1. Suzuka
2. Full Metal Panic!
3. G.T.O
4. Naruto + Shippuuden
5. One Piece (although boring recently)
6. Devil Man
7. Princess Mononoke
8. Samurai Champloo
9. Howl's Moving Castle
10. Suzumiya

shimboismyhusband 2007-08-27 15:23


*Pokes self in eye* Theres "Your top 5 fave anime* just below this.

But for your sake.

1. Suzuka
2. Full Metal Panic!
3. G.T.O
4. Naruto + Shippuuden
5. One Piece (although boring recently)
6. Devil Man
7. Princess Mononoke
8. Samurai Champloo
9. Howl's Moving Castle
10. Suzumiya
The second post says sorry, I didn't see it; but thank you!!!
Much appreciated guys =]

Reno 2007-08-27 17:45

I've already said my top... 4. >_> But here it is again. :)

1. Elfen Lied
2. Haibane Remnei
3. Monster
4. Air

shimboismyhusband 2007-08-27 17:51

I'm watching air now =]
I like it so far =]

himemiya613 2007-08-27 17:58

1. Kanon
2. kannaduki no miko
3. school rumble
4. hayate no gotoku
5. lucky star
6. suzumiya haruhi
7. claymore

thats all the good ones ive watched, ive seen alot more animes but i dont think any of them can go in that list

rooroobearr 2007-08-27 18:17

1.Code Geass
2.Tokimeki Memorial
3.Ouran High School Host
4.Futakoi Alternative
5.Darker Than BLACK
6.Kaze no Stigma
7.Zero no Tsukaima (Both Seasons)
8.Hanaukyo Maid-tai
9.Air Gear
10.Shakugan No Shana (Waiting For Season 2)

I have way more favorites but these are just deserving to go onto my list they're not in any ranking...but Code Geass is really my favorite of all!

shimboismyhusband 2007-08-27 18:19

Much appreciated!^^

Skyfall 2007-08-28 03:32

*ignores the other thread*

1) Crest of the Stars (and all of it's sequels). - action/adventure/romance/SciFi. Follows a pair (small group of people later) on their 'adventure' with an intergalactic war on the background.

2) Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (second season ongoing) - horror/mystery. The only good 'horror' anime out there. It is rather unique on many levels, genuinely creepy, and the mystery in there actually is mysterious.

3) Fantastic Children - action/adventure/mystery/SciFi. A definitely underrated show i don't see mentioned very often. (Of course, the very poor choice of title doesn't help any).

4) Futakoi Alternative - comedy/romance/drama. This is a very mixed bag of various genres and ideas, but brought together in a very commendable way. From various things like random craziness and action scenes to down-to-earth drama and romance, this is a title that brings it all together in a way that works.

5) Canvas 2 - romance/drama. Interesting setting, likable main characters and a very strong support cast. It touches on various other subjects and problems the characters have to overcome, and it is not centered solely on 'which one of the two gets to be with the guy'. Hands down my favorite Visual novel - anime adoption.

... this is where it gets hard to choose :p

6) Scrapped Princess - action/fantasy/adventure. A story of rather epic scale, even if it might not seem that way at first. In fact, the best way to describe this anime is: "everything is not the way it seems to be ;)"

7) Noein - action/SciFi. Twilight zone meets Matrix in your back yard.

8) Kanon (2006 version). - romance/drama/bit of fantasy. Beautiful artwork and suitable sound track. Actually funny comedy, good drama and character interactions. Simply watch it ;)

9) Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora - short romance/drama in a hospital setting. I usually don't like bittersweet titles, but this one left a very good impression.

10) (there are lot of other titles i could list here, but for the sake of listing one...) Elfen Lied. The way i like to describe this is: Beautifully haunting. It is deep, dark and emotional, touching upon a lot of negative topics and darker side of humans. It does contain a good number of graphical and violent scenes though, so you should have a rather high tolerance for that stuff should you decide to watch it.

Honorable mention for Seto no Hanayome (ongoing) - this has the potential to get up there :)

jedinat 2007-08-28 04:14

Well since this hasn't been closed, here's my top ten of this instant:

1. Juuni Kokuki
2. Haibane Renmei
3. Trigun
4. Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd (+prequels)
5. Aria the Natural
6. Full Moon wo Sagashite
7. Hellsing (both the OVA and TV series)
8. Kamichu!
9. Genshiken (+sequels)
10. Kino no Tabi

Honorable mention of the summer anime: Doujin Work

Gomenasai 2007-08-28 04:52

  1. Major
  2. Beck
  3. Excel Saga
  4. Gungrave
  5. DearS
  6. Gundam Wing
  7. Tenchi "AllStoryLines"
  8. Outlaw Star
  9. WelcomeToTheNHK!
  10. Code Geasse
my #1 and #2 are the only ones that are in order for my favorite, 3 - 10 I cant really discriminate against because they are all = in my mind. (((( I had a REALLY hard time not putting "Record of Lodus War" in the listing because I luuuvvvvv Deedlit

Reno 2007-08-28 07:09


Originally Posted by jedinat (Post 1118447)
Well since this hasn't been closed, here's my top ten of this instant:

Well I don't see any reason for it to be closed since it's for a completely different purpose to the other thread.

schiffer 2007-08-29 16:58

1. FullMetal Alchemist
2. Hikaru No Go
3. Gundam SEED / Destiny
4. Nana
5. Beck
6. Elfen Lied
7. Eureka Seven
8. Mushishi
9. Prince of Tennis / Major / Ippo
10. Hunter X Hunter
11. Ghost in the shell season 1

Sinestra 2007-08-29 17:25

In no particular order

Banner/Crest of the stars
Code Geass
Higurashi no Naku koro ni
Your under arrest
Gundam XX
Ouran High School Host Club
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Hanbun no tsuki ga noboru sora
Air 1000th Summer
Mai Hime
Full Metal Panic
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
Maria-sama ga Miteru
Ai yori Aoshi

I know it said 10 i couldnt help my self gomen:D

mana. 2007-08-29 23:32

Not in any Order but just to mention all have very good animation quality.

1. Bleach- Good mix of fighting/friendship/comedy. Interesting story, though honestly it lags a lot through the fillers.

2. Samurai Champloo- just for the style of it, it's sheer beauty to watch the fighting scenes.

3.Fruits Basket- good shojo, not overly sappy, original concept.

4. Chobits- same as the reasons I put for fruits basket.

5. Wolf's Rain- I think this title is really overlooked, it's a good action/romance/drama. Has such an understated feeling of beauty when you watch it.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist- Really good storyline! Also the one anime I can truly say that I've never been bored for an episode.

7. REC-most realistic (ok arguably some of the stuff isn't, but you'll get what I mean once you watch it) slice of life anime I've seen AND haven't been bored of. Incredibly short series, but leaves you with a impact somehow.

8.Elfen Lied-Gore. Blood. Ultimately Depressing. Creepy as hell sometimes. But for some reason when you watch it-you just can't look away.

9. Voices of a Distant Star-It's such a subtly beautiful short piece. And it makes you think, I find few anime really rarely do.

10. Naruto-I wasn't going to put this because of how much it seems to have bits and pieces of other anime, but I guess that fact almost makes it appealing. Good fighting, animation, pretty funny.

There is my mix of ten!

Westlo 2007-08-30 05:27

TV Series

1. RahXephon
2. SDF Macross
3. Vision of Escaflowne
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Full Metal Alchemist
6. Berserk
7. Death Note
8. Code Geass
9. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
10. Air TV

OVAs (Top 5)

1. Rurouni Kenshin OVAs
2. Gunbuster
3. Macross Plus
4. Read or Die
5. Tenchi Muyo OVAs

Frans 2007-08-31 16:22

There is a top 5 best anime thread in the suggestion forum and another top 5 anime favorites in the general forum. The one in the general forum already reach 29 pages.

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