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Me|2c 2003-11-29 03:33

Rate That Signature!
My first attempt at a banner :) Comments please!

gravitation 2003-11-29 09:14

i think its pretty koool, it does kinda feel like theres too much going on tho but still kool, i like the pic used :) i like your avatar thats nice :D ^_^...if ya want more comments maybe ya could post in the "Rate my signature thread" or "rate that avatar thread" and ask their opinions ^_~

Tomomi 2003-11-29 09:24

Not bad. But it's kinda big. Could you make it smaller or something? :heh:

Me|2c 2003-11-29 09:58

Oh woops i guess i got the wrong forum :heh: Thanx for the comments! :)

PSX 2004-01-01 03:34

nice banner, i never thought of using transparency in a banner or avatar ^^

Walküre 2004-01-20 09:20

sorry, but where is that "Rate my Signature" or Rate my Avatar" Thread ???

I searched everywhere, but cant find anything, maybe im blind :)

Prince of Chronics 2004-01-20 14:52


Hellychan 2004-01-20 15:41

Me|2c > Now you know in which thread to post to get some more comments about your sig :p

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